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  1. The reason CAR could be in the drivers seat is because they can offer a superstar in McCaffrey plus the 8th pick which they could still use on a QB....the pleps love superstars so it will help them sell tickets and save face with some fans and 100 percent of the media.
  2. Everyone jumping off the Fields bandwagon recently makes me think he's going to be better then I originally thought.
  3. This sh*t happens every year before the draft...people are convinced that names they hear in the media constantly are sure things. I mean after the championship game everyone wanted to draft Devonta Smith with the 2nd pick and now I haven't hear his name mentioned in months....people are sheep.
  4. I wonder what Paula Dean thinks about the Jets QB situation?
  5. I used to have reoccurring dreams of getting kidnapped by midgets...this dream is worse.
  6. #2 pick, 1st in 2022, and 1st in 2023 anything more then can go kick rocks.
  7. Nothing would surprise me after the Lions decided it was a good idea to rebuild around Jared Goff.
  8. I have a feeling Carolina is gonna go all in on Watson...It would be better then him going to Miami but it eliminates a main trade down partner...I think JD would have gotten a ton from them. Hopefully a team comes from out of nowhere like the Raiders and snags him.
  9. Pretty sure the title of the thread says round 1 or round 2. So if no front office in the league is drafting RBs in the first round these players will be available at 34.
  10. I normally agree with not drafting RBs in the first few rounds but this offense is so limited in playmakers that they need to add guys who are difference makers asap to support whatever young QB we are starting. Signing and drafting Curtis Samuels, Marlon Mack, and some kid from Buffalo isn't going to cut it. But you are right we will probably draft lineman and cornerbacks.
  11. They aren't making the playoffs next year either way. So you want to trade Darnold for a pick and start Morgan or Nick Mullens or some crappy QB and I would rather give Darnold another year. I don't think adding another 2nd round pick is a franchise changer if a QB isn't taken at 2 the trade down package will be plenty.
  12. It sorta seems like they aren't picking a QB at 2 and handing the franchise over to him unless they are in love with said QB...unlike media members and message board posters...DarnoLD sUcKS tAke wiLSon HeS goNNa Be Lit...I wAtchEd Him on YoUTube.
  13. For those that may not get it by now when someone in the media says "sources say" that's something to discuss....otherwise it's just someone giving opinions and not worth discussing.
  14. It depends on who is taken with the first pick. I would go O-line and a playmaker in the first round. I think this draft should be offensive heavy we need to start giving whoever the QB is weapons and stop playing football like its 1986. If playmaker at 23 I like the RBs and WR Toney.
  15. IKR? everyone likes a little politics and race talk with their football this guy must be a Nazi!
  16. I just turn the game on at kick off and don't consume any of the sports media hot take artists that everyone loves on this board anymore. The game is still the game there's just a ton of nonsense that surrounds it.
  17. These sports media guys take themselves way too seriously and think they are way more intelligent then they are.
  18. Geno looked exactly the same in 2013 as he did in 2014....it was obvious to most people he was garbage half way through 2014. Geno was a QB who fell a full round you don't need to give a second round QB more then a year to prove his worth. You sound like someone who bought a Geno Smith jersey at Modells after the 2013 season.
  19. Was just gonna write this...the problem with the Jets isn't that they took a chance on guys like Smith and Hackenberg it's that it took them a ridiculous amount of time to figure out they weren't good....which prevented them from drafting someone that was.
  20. Yeah I'm being generous...which is why these other offers are pure insanity. lol The main reason I'm ok with this offer is because we will still have our full allotment of picks until 2023 because of the Adams trade.
  21. The longer this goes on and the dumber the trades get the less I want Watson....the number 2 pick along with a 1st in 2022 and 2023 is plenty....this is the equivalent of 5 1st rounders and still allows us to build a team around Watson rather quickly. Anything more you move on.
  22. Trading down twice is highly unlikely trade down once inside the top 12...pick up an extra 2nd this year along with picks in 2022 and 2023. If your not selecting a QB there will players with similar grades as at 2 and the hit rate is virtually identical.
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