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  1. I think part of the problem is that the draft has become so popular that people spend months convincing themselves that they know which players are good and that a team is supposed to draft 4 all pros a year. This team was stripped to the bone and the only way it was going to be good this year is if every player they drafted over the past two years turned into stars in year one and two which is unrealistic. I'm by no means a JD ball washer I actually hated the first draft but all this panic is about a year premature.
  2. I wanted to keep Sam and I didn't think he played that great...missed a few wide open guys fumbled the ball inside the 5 honestly that game shoulda been 28-0 at half. I root for the guy though hopefully he lights it up this year.
  3. I was in favor of keeping him but after watching him yesterday the right move was made he was missing guys all over the field and that game should have been out of reach at half time....I'll just never understand the vitriol towards the guy he was a class act who was given no talent and Adam Gase....Plus I haven't seen one poster say we made a mistake so what's the problem? lol
  4. The people who wanted to keep Darnold seemed to have moved on after Wilson was drafted the ones that wanted him gone are still angry and talking about him on a daily basis it's kinda bizarre.
  5. This year for me was always about developing young players and enjoying the weekly meltdowns from fans that thought we were going to the playoffs....everything is going as expected. lol
  6. I don't believe the odds of the Jets picking a good player in the 4th outweighs the importance of surrounding Wilson with as much talent as possible is. When the Jets figure out how to draft and develop a young QB then I'll worry about 3rd day lottery tickets. Just my opinion.
  7. People need to stop acting like 4th round picks are gold we can barely find a good player in the top ten. Removing a weapon for a young QB for a 4th makes no sense and I'm not even sure you can get a 4th.
  8. That's exactly what happened. Douglas didn't love anyone at that spot so he traded back...when Mims then fell to him he thought the talent was too good to pass on. Not this grand scheme were he knew he wasn't on anyone else's board and traded back and still got his guy that makes no sense when a player drops that far. I like JD but people went overboard with all that sh*t. He obviously had red flags and we are seeing them now.
  9. There's a difference between not thinking someone is a good and not wanting to pay him 18- 20 mil a year.
  10. The sad part is they have accomplished what they wanted...every game is 40-35 and 75 percent of the fanbase is a addicted gambler they can make money off of.
  11. All of these 1st round WRs look like the real deal...Chase, Smith, and Waddle....Pitts looked ok but would never take a TE over a highly rated WR.
  12. I'm gonna get hate for this but I always thought Tua was gonna be a lot better then he showed last year. Also think the Cardinals are gonna be a sleeper team in the NFC.
  13. Maybe there was a reason he dropped 50 spots in the draft that online scouts weren't aware of and taking him wasn't the stroke of genius it was made out to be.
  14. Maybe there was a reason he dropped 50 spots in the draft that online scouts weren't aware of and taking him wasn't the stroke of genius it was made out to be.
  15. I like that we played better in the second half and adjustments were made.. Wilson also looked good when he had time. It's probably better to start the season this way so some delusional fans can come back to reality. We aren't making the playoffs, we don't have all pros at every skill position, and JD isn't the messiah.
  16. The Becton injury is enormous you basically have to change your mindset from we have a franchise LT to hoping he can stay on the field at all.
  17. Some of us didn't love Darnold we were just pointing out the obvious...that it's impossible for a QB to operate like this. Let the Darnold hate go it's pathetic at this point.
  18. It took Wilson a half to lose his confidence and look like Darnold on the Jets year 3.
  19. Honestly I wasn't expecting much from the season besides being entertained by meltdowns from people who thought a new QB and coach was going to get us to the playoffs this year. Oh and Mims sucks and Carter isn't Dalvin Cook.
  20. I look forward to the same people who said the O-line was no factor in Darnold's play tell me for the next 16 games Wilson sucks because of the O-line
  21. At least Rex Ryans motto could be used both ways....play like a Jet.
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