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  1. He's one of those guys who's really good and a final piece to a contender but nobody really wants to pay top money...another guy like that was Aqib Talib.
  2. Jets fans wanting to pay a guy who's rehabbing from an ACL is not surprising at all. lol
  3. I think people take these philosophies to the extreme....it's like how people love collecting picks then freak out when you use them to trade into the top 10.
  4. There's really no reason both can't be done right now...we have a ton of picks and a ton of cap space so explain to me the downside of improving the team in free agency so we don't win 3 games?
  5. Yeah if reports were true Maccagnan trading to three was because he was ok drafting 3 QBs Darnold, Mayfield, and Rosen...so we were gonna butcher that pick regardless.
  6. This is a horrible idea if they bench Zach that would result in getting a worse draft pick.
  7. At least we aren't the Jacksonville Jaguars amirite guys?
  8. Pretty sure San Diego had one of the worst lines in the league Herberts first year...Joe Borrow got his leg snapped in half.
  9. What does this have to do with the Jacksonville Jaguars?
  10. Agreed I have seen lots of people mocking the Jets drafting secondary help in the top ten I think that's the last position we should be taking that high.
  11. Another reason WIlson shouldn't have seen the field till he was ready and had a competent team around him....the media wasn't going to give him the leash his die hard fan base are.... the honeymoon is over. With that being said Wilson wasn't good in the second half but today isn't the day to get on him.
  12. I listened to Mike and the Mad Dog for over a decade at work but the longer Mike was on his own the more he became unbearable...he needed another person to balance out his personality and call him out once in a while. But yeah I stopped listening to WFAN around 5 years ago.
  13. "that's not inaccurate that's football" gtfo dude go bother someone else with the nonsense.
  14. He misses a foot high on two consecutive 5 yard passes on the final drive....it's literally on the video posted.
  15. Except if you thought Myles Gaskins was getting the carries.
  16. I played Myles Gaskin in fantasy. lol
  17. What? I was told Douglas hiring new people was genius and he fixed this.
  18. Plus it creates media and fan controversy. People are very emotional these days. Like you said once you start him at the beginning of the season that's pretty much it. When I suggested it when he got hurt people lost their sh*t.
  19. First off I said sit him at the start of the season not at half, Second he became inaccurate in the second half and started missing swing passes high again. Some of you guys get so emotional. lol
  20. He was accurate and poised in the first half but as soon as there was pressure he fell apart. He gets rattled very easily. Probably would have been a good idea to sit him till there's a better cast around him...too late for that now.
  21. With the amount of attention the Jaguars get around here that sh*ts gonna be like the Super Bowl.
  22. Falcons turning Patterson into a RB was a pretty smart move.
  23. nothing annoys me more then running a 9 yard route when you need 10
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