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  1. I don't think JD values FG kickers as much as he should...there's no reason the team shouldn't have a competent kicker 3 years in a row. Finding decent kickers and back up QBs shouldn't be this complicated.
  2. Ever see Monster Dog starring Alice Cooper? It's so bad it's pretty awesome. lol
  3. Things get hyperbolic on both sides...I was lectured for over a year on how that trade down was a stroke of genius and was proof we finally hired a GM who knew what he was doing...there's plenty of stupid to go around.
  4. The reason the Jets couldn't have held on to Darnold is because the bitching and crying about it would have been similar to the last few days when Wilson wasn't signed.... except it would have lasted for 6 months.
  5. Awesome after a year we can trade him for 2 first round picks.
  6. Hey what kinda leagues you got openings in? How much?
  7. What ever happened to believe all women? That narrative went out the window pretty quick. I personally don't care if he plays or not but seems pretty inconsistent with recent precedent.
  8. You can tell who's on Twitter too much and listens to hot take shows all day by who got hysterical about this.
  9. What did we think the outcome was gonna be here? He was gonna sit out the season? lol
  10. Some of you should just get Douglas printed on the back of your Jets jersey.
  11. Yes exactly so assuming someone who tests positive hasn't been vaccinated isn't very smart...but I should really just stay out of these posts people aren't really interested in facts.
  12. I dunno but everyone testing positive over the past few weeks in sports seems to have been vaxxed so.
  13. This isn't true but Kelvin Benjamin does look like the kinda guy who would hide a box of Twinkies under his bed.
  14. There was Watson hysteria before the accusations lots of people were willing to give up anything. I wanted him but there was a limit.
  15. I remember when people wanted to give up Q and five first rounders....those were good times.
  16. You should look into why a video you requested trigger you into posting the comment that followed....that would probably be more productive.
  17. Yeah and you proved that unable to have a big boy conversation without name calling or getting hysterical all while getting triggered by video evidence you asked for.
  18. You asked for a link I gave you the link you wanted....it didn't fit your narrative so you tried to bullsh*t around it rather then just admitting the messaging around covid, masks, and the vaccines have been piss poor and not consistent. You would rather just demonize people and be tribalistic rather then blame the government.
  19. Who's not calm I never take anything online seriously 90 percent of the time I'm laughing. lol
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