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  1. I owned Doolittle which was a pretty good album but was only a casual fan of indie rock or post punk or whatever genre that is. lol The only country album I ever owned was Johnny Cash's Folsum Prison Blues and his cover album. I don't even know who Chris Stapelton is I honestly have checked out on new music I'm mostly stuck in the 90's and before and revisit albums and bands I wasn't fans of back then. It's a bummer that all my favorite bands are retiring from touring and getting old there's only a handful of bands left that I would go see.
  2. I never understood treating music like a sport...music elitism is annoying I could be listening to Depeche Mode one second and Cannibal Corpse the next.
  3. Mike White will be in the league 5 years from now probably as a back up while Zach Wilson will be on Season 40 of The Bachelor from Utah.
  4. This is exactly how these fans think...they think they are more intelligent then you and they understand the vision and you don't. lol
  5. If you notice almost all of the terrible owners are sons of billionaires...not the men who actually accomplished anything.
  6. Only Boomers still call other people Boomers.
  7. Isn't this the guy who said we had the best WRs in the league? lol
  8. Pretty poor end of game management by Murray and Kingsberry.
  9. Made no sense...there's only 5 minutes left just get within 7 and make a stop.
  10. Some coaches go overboard with going for it on 4th.
  11. Moore is a huge bright spot but the thing I'm always reminded of when I watch teams other then the Jets is these other teams have like 5 or 6 young players with lots of talent. I feel like we are 2 or 3 years behind teams like the Bengals and Chargers forget about the Cards and Rams.
  12. Watching this game is like watching a different sport then we play. lol
  13. Signing under the radar young vets like Conner is what good GMs do...when Dougals signs o few of those guys then I'll join the cult.
  14. Geez I came to check out the thread and I see people comparing Wilson to Murray and Stafford and some racism...the usual stuff I guess.
  15. I always liked Conner he's one of those under the radar signings I wish we made....not the most explosive guy but better then he showed behind a bad Steelers line.
  16. I think people were afraid of passing on the next Mahomes, Watson, Allen. or Herbert.....what they don't take into account is these guys usually aren't the top guys ranked by the media or even scouts. From a historical standpoint the Jets were far more likely to find the next FQB trading back to 12 and taking Jones or Fields then they were drafting the hot shot kid from BYU the media fell in love with.
  17. Yeah I mean who cares if Wilson busts I don't get what people are all upset about. lol
  18. Do we really need a thread for hope delusion seems to be very popular among the fanbase right now.
  19. I think part of Salehs learning process is he's not trying to be friends with these guy's anymore and he's just avoiding gotcha questions.
  20. One of the hardest things about coaching or building a team these days is finding guys who aren't on Twitter all day or watching hot take shows on ESPN. Even if he's right tweeting this kind of stuff is super toxic.
  21. Yeah I just think there's a wide margin between the two.
  22. Yeah that would have turned out to be the best decision but I think keeping Darnold and not getting a 2nd and 4th is still a far better situation then we are in now....I mean unless WIlson develops into a top ten QB which right now is a 100-1 shot. We made the worst possible choice imo.
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