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  1. Has there been a network show worth while in the past 10 years?
  2. Game is not Mahomes fault obviously but it highlights how the QB always gets too much credit and too much blame. No one player can put a team on his back like in the NBA....and it's also easy to play QB when your team is loaded like it's been for him for 2 years.
  3. The game being over in the 3rd quarter in favor of TB was the least likely scenario.
  4. just because he's scrambled around a few times doesn't mean he's looked great.
  5. Yeah I agree with that. But I also think it's impossible to get a great read on Darnold or any other young QB with the talent we surround them with.
  6. the great thing about this game is maybe some of the kids will now understand it's impossible to play QB without a line
  7. Imagine being so pathetic you think you recognize someone from a Jets message board from 20 years ago? 20 years ago I was 11. lol
  8. settle down Super Mario....thats because you are probably 12 and didn't live through BB screwing the Jets over.
  9. Brady leaving the Pats made me realize I hate the Pats franchise and BB far more then I do Brady....so Brady winning and embarrassing BB is what I'm rooting for. Plus the Mahomes love is just as much vomit inducing as the Brady love ever was.
  10. I'm enjoying the meltdown from fans....this must be how Patriots fans have felt for the last 20 years. lol
  11. Yeah and decisions like are why they haven't won a playoff game in 50 years....my point from the start.
  12. None of the picks are even this year. And there's no way I'm trading 2 future picks in the 20's for the 8th pick this year especially when you are a rebuilding team that needs a QB. But I think the reason they made the trade is because they think that guy is Goff not because they prefer 2 future picks in the 20's over 8 this year.
  13. Wilson is the only reason the team wins more then 5 games a season....at what point do people realize these "insiders" are just gossip columnists?
  14. I don't think most of the GMs in the league think Goff isn't that good. But yeah the trade only makes sense if Goff turns out to be their long term starter not a place holder for 2 years.
  15. I stopped reading after I read there's not a whole lot of difference between 2 late round picks then the 8th.
  16. I am not against drafting another lineman high but I think the smarter thing to do is trading back taking Slater and banking extra picks. Slater can also slide into any of the 5 positions. I think some people fall in love with some of these players that get a lot of pub there's a bunch of really good O-lineman prospects in the first round of this draft.
  17. I still can't wrap my head around Detriot choosing Goff and 2 picks in the late 20's over 8 and Bridgewater
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