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  1. I think you misread the post....but it exposed how pathetic you are regardless.
  2. Drafting a QB and holding onto Darnold I would say is the least likely scenario...the last thing they want with a new regime and the positivity that comes with that is the daily discussion by hot take artists and fans of benching Darnold and why aren't they starting Wilson/Fields already?
  3. I doubt Godwin will be back....they are already paying Evans, can resign Brown at a reasonable price, and they drafted a rookie who looks like a player forget his name...not to mention they have the immortal Scotty Miller. I don't see any team investing 40 mil in the WR position.
  4. Bowles is gonna give Tyreek Hill a 10 yard cushion all game.....putting some bucks on Hill for MVP. lol
  5. The new unis make me feel nothing. lol They aren't bad but they also don't make me wanna go out and buy Jets swag.
  6. I'll never be able to get over Bowles horrendous defensive game plan and lack of adjustments vs the Bills in 2015 I just picture Mahomes shredding them and Reid out game planning him...something like 43-27.
  7. So a guy who wants to be traded because he wants to play LT is going to be happy going to a team with a LT.....makes loads of sense
  8. This thread is super calla fragile istic exped allah docious
  9. I actual think Slater may be the better fit....can slide him into all 5 positions and could still get him at a trade down at 8....take WR and RB at 23 and 34.
  10. I'm someone who is ok with giving Sam another year if we can't swing a trade for Watson but this completely makes me rethink me position. lol
  11. Gonna be tough rooting for a kid who looks like he belongs in N'Sync. lol
  12. Adams is the Jadeveon Clowney of safties....a few splash plays a game that makes Sportscenter and everyone thinks he's worth 20 mil a year....Clowney has been exposed and we are about a year away from Adams being exposed as well. The guy has zero impact on wins and loses.
  13. You are aware the Eagles locker room has twice preferred other QBs over Wentz and I've never heard a teammate say glowing things about him? I'm not sure locker room support or leadership is the best argument for Wentz over Darnold.
  14. I have no idea if Lance is gonna be a good QB or not but I don't wanna take a QB that high who's not gonna be on the field for 2- 3 years...the last time we did that people were brainwashed into thinking Hackenberg was our future starter and we wasted years of not drafting a legit franchise QB....It's pretty much the reason we didn't draft Watson in the first place....He's basically Jordan Love except we don't have the luxury Green Bay does in waiting 3 years to find out if he's any good.
  15. I could care less if Adams makes the Hall of Fame or the Pro Bowl he still isn't the kind of difference maker that's worth over 20 mil a year and 2 first round picks.
  16. I think there's still a few Jamal fanboys lurking around...I look forward to hearing from them. lol
  17. Even Q was a poor pick in my mind with Leo already being on the roster....I hope Douglas does a better job of prioritizing positions when drafting at the top of the draft we have drafted enough interior D-linemen there for a lifetime....I do however think trading up and drafting Darnold was the right call but he should have taken a QB the year before he would probably still have the job if he did.
  18. Seattle minus Wilson is a 4-6 win team....there's very little difference in the rosters and one draft and offseason could close that gap significantly. And I said if it turns out the Jets are the more successful team during Adams time in Seattle THAT would be hilarious so I think you should work on your reading comprehension.
  19. I could be wrong but I see Seattle as a very top heavy team on the decline and in a increasing difficult division. Would be hilarious if the Jets got Watson and are instantly a better team.
  20. If Kansas City put Patrick Mahomes on the trade market would you e interested?
  21. I'm waiting for Maggie Grey to have her own personal thread then I'll really be convinced if she has Braxton Berrious on and he says nothing.
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