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  1. So your telling me JD didn't love Mims and traded down anyway because he's The Amazing Kreskin and knew nobody else would take him? This is not what I was told for two years straight. lol
  2. Such a weird season I was expecting the defense to be just a few pieces away but it turns out to be the opposite...I wouldn't complain if they drafted another lineman high but with Fant and Mcgovern having good years you can draft a few later and just focus on playmakers. Edge, WR, CB. LB. I still think we missed a great opportunity last year which was the best O-line draft in years.
  3. Tough call I'm not sure if Zach's positives outweighed the incompetence of the coach. Either way the odds of this duo being the next great QB coach combo is close to zero. lol
  4. Ingram, Kamara, and Hill are rushing for 300. 35-17
  5. I just lost all my brain cells reading this thread.
  6. Neither one of these team are winning the SB...honestly I see the Bucs going on a roll and mopping the floor with everyone.
  7. Jets fans- Please never compare anything a Jets rookie QB has to go through to Mac Jones again Also Jet fans- Joe Douglas is a genius.
  8. I hope they have some more drug addiction and alcoholism stories coming up.
  9. You know what's crazy if our defense was even mediocre we would probably have 5 wins and be 1 game out of the playoffs...but I enjoy the plan of being an unwatchable expansion team better anyway.
  10. I can't take people seriously who still think Perine, Zuniga, and Mims are still NFL players....they gotta give it up.
  11. Wilson reminds me of Allen only it was when Allen was in middle school.
  12. He took a pay cut to 5 million same as Keenen Cole...could have easily found a roster spot elsewhere for similar salary playing for a winning team.
  13. Yeah but I mean no one criticized the Jets for signing QBs to the practice squad...the only reason the guy is the butt of jokes is because we drafted him so high.
  14. He's on Indys practice squad they didn't draft him in the 4th round....you think there's a difference between the two or nah?
  15. Hopefully he's not addicted to adderall
  16. It's amazing to me that a fanbase who have spent the last 20 years watching how a smart franchise operates decides what's really smart is doing the exact opposite.
  17. If the Giants get rid of Jones, Gettleman, Judge and go after a vet QB I can see them being pretty good ....next year will only be year 1 of our rebuild.
  18. For whatever the reason this fanbase always hated Crowder and have been looking to get rid of him for years.
  19. So your telling me a WR who averages 700 yards a season isn't getting a job? You mean like Keenan Cole the guy whos worse and we gave 5 million to? lol
  20. I never understood why Crowder took that paycut...it made no sense a guy like him could have had an important role on a winning team while increasing his free agent value at the same time. What a poor decision on his part.
  21. So is the GM responsible for the talent level of the team being atrocious? Let me guess it's John Idziks fault or something.
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