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  1. Krofty is making the pro bowl this year.
  2. Probably the one guy who isn't overhyped. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say Mims and Carter aren't Randy Moss and Dalvin Cook tho.
  3. Does Zack Wilsons mom like coffee creamer?
  4. What's the point? Did you want the Training camp thread to be giving credit for first reporting? lol
  5. Boone has been the manager of the team 2 years but it's not the GMs fault whos been here over 20? Because why you like home run hitters?
  6. You are more concerned with optics then you are with what the actual problems are. It's not 1986 they aren't hiring Billy Martin these GMs hire yes men and give them a binder they manage off of. I'm not even a Boone guy but there's no differnce between Girardi, Boone, or the next guy they hire.
  7. Cashman fell in love with all his prospects for a few years and rather then getting top pitching he settled trading for lesser pitchers who were either cheap or under control for multiple years. The funny thing is the best prospect out of the bunch looks like James Kaprielian who they traded for Grey. I was also in favor of bringing back Eovaldi who basically won the Sox's and championship. The pitching decisions have been horrendous but hey at least we had 5 closers for a few years.
  8. More home run hitters is gonna be lit I bet it will work this time.
  9. I'm not part of the sky is falling brigade the philosophy Cashman believes in doesn't win championships so the end result will always be the same...I'm actually the opposite I understand until Cashman is gone the results will always be the same I actually have very little emotions when It comes to the Yankees...kinda like the last year Adam Gase was coach of the Jets. I'm actually more annoyed with the fanbase who lived through the 90's that forgot what wins championships and continues to support this regime.
  10. I never thought id see a day when Yankees fans settle for this....if the goal is bringing some life into this team squeezing into the playoffs and getting swept cool great trades. We now act like Mets and Jets fans. lol
  11. Do Yankees fans really think trading for two more home run hitters makes them a legitimate contender? I swear I don't get the Cashman obsession or why he's still here the guy has won one series in over 20 years because he had a ridiculous payroll and paid Sabathia and Texeria...ever since then he's become a pseudo intellectual analytics guy who's run the team in the dumbest way possible. I honestly just think the Steinbrenner kids don't really care about winning they are just comfortable with him and with no pressure from the media or fanbase he's basically got a job for life.
  12. I didn't learn anything from this video I already knew Maye was a solid dude and the media is complete trash.
  13. The thing is you don't have to invest much in to signing a decent kicker or back up that's kinda my point. There's a middle ground between giving a kicker a multi year deal and settling for whatever crap is left on the waiver wire.
  14. I don't think JD values FG kickers as much as he should...there's no reason the team shouldn't have a competent kicker 3 years in a row. Finding decent kickers and back up QBs shouldn't be this complicated.
  15. Ever see Monster Dog starring Alice Cooper? It's so bad it's pretty awesome. lol
  16. Things get hyperbolic on both sides...I was lectured for over a year on how that trade down was a stroke of genius and was proof we finally hired a GM who knew what he was doing...there's plenty of stupid to go around.
  17. The reason the Jets couldn't have held on to Darnold is because the bitching and crying about it would have been similar to the last few days when Wilson wasn't signed.... except it would have lasted for 6 months.
  18. Awesome after a year we can trade him for 2 first round picks.
  19. Hey what kinda leagues you got openings in? How much?
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