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  1. you think the Pats would have a better system for injured players besides dragging them down a flight of steps into the locker room.
  2. Mims is never developing into anything more than a mediocre 3rd or 4th reciever people really need to give up on the dream
  3. I think the ball was tipped at the line....I'm guessing they don't have replays
  4. ooof the right side of this line is gonna be a problem
  5. gonna be hard to run the ball today Wilsons gonna have to be good
  6. I can't stand Boomer for more than 5 minutes no clue how people listen to his 4 hour radio show
  7. F playing scared let Zach bomb the ball over the field!
  8. There's a ton of whoa is me Jets fans in the media...Jets Youtube has become a clown show of dudes trying to become "influencers". Put a microfone and camera in front of peoples faces and they instantly court jesters.
  9. Honestly the worst part of rooting for the Jets is all of these jackasses trying to be celebrity fans/mascots....we definitely lead the league in this catagory.
  10. Dude has had a dumb look on his face since draft day 1994
  11. He ain't wrong the Jets and Saleh aren't schematically fooling anyone......dudes still a scumbag tho.
  12. People are trying to control narratives and information....it's why government is in contact and threatening all of these social media companies and MSM journos are melting down. You wouldn't think these sites would have so much power and influence on minds but we are living in really dumb times.
  13. The biggest mistake the players made was letting the reporters back in the locker rooms....there's zero reason for it sports operated perfectly fine when they waited outside.
  14. Musk is just thinning the herd of unnecessary purple haired freaks who get paid 150 grand a year for clicking a mouse and who are pissed because their free lunch has been canceled and they can't ban people for pointing out basic biology.......these people aren't the heros you think they are. This is a practice that's just starting with all companies in this economy they are starting to take out the trash.
  15. The same people rooting for Twitter to shut down because Musk bought it would be detoxing like methheads for months.
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