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  1. Who's Denzel Mims? I don't think anyone's ever brought this guy up.
  2. The NFL is becoming a clown show on the level of the NBA and they did it to themselves.
  3. If a team trades a 23 year old all-star with 3 years left of control they probably shouldn't have a franchise or be forced to sell....also most of these minor leaguers don't pan out it's not like trading for 5 or 6 1st rounders in the NFL draft.
  4. Denzel Mims is definitely getting 1000 receiving yards this year....am I doing this right?
  5. Good thing the guy gets all the jabs or else there would be hell to pay.
  6. If you don't know what it means you might be one of the 10 percent....or maybe have a personality disorder. lol
  7. It's annoying that we live in a world where we take the opinions of the dumbest 10 percent and make pretend it's the majority.
  8. The Jets didn't do Becton any favors when he got injured by announcing how long he would be out....a 370 pound man was never coming back from a dislocated knee in 4-6 weeks....He should definitely be further along then he is and practicing at 100 percent but 4-6 weeks was a pipe dream.
  9. A real fan would stay and post how Denzel Mims is having a break out year.
  10. I'm very proud that I've never been on Twitter and never taken PFF seriously. lol
  11. I'll give you 1000-1 you can send me the $100 via Venmo. lol
  12. People are quick to forget that half the fanbase wanted to give up 7 first rounders for this creep a month before this story broke....The Cleveland Brown fanbase could easily be us. Someone should really bump those threads for a good time. lol
  13. I would rather own a spaceship for $300 billion?
  14. Oh I agree 100 percent Goodell is a joke and most CEO's of billion dollar corporations don't care about any of this stuff they are just reacting to the public and media pressure ....I'm just pointing out that the media barely covered the story for a year or at least decided it was now all off a sudden innocent until proven guilty....in a case with 24 allegations that seems pretty cut and dry.
  15. Yeah the point is Goodell reacts to the public and media pressure and there hasn't been any over the past year which is why he's done nothing and Cleveland felt comfortable trading for him.
  16. I believe all women is that what Fox News promotes? lol
  17. Goodell sat on his hands because the media didn't pressure him until the past month they decide to protect Watson over believe all women which they have decided to flip on over the past month. If this was Josh Allen ESPN would have done 30 daily segments flipping out on this for a year straight.
  18. I'll take a wait and see approach but it's hilarious how people have so much confidence in a defensive coaching staff that allowed 700 yards rushing per game last season without one adjustment.
  19. I am no rocket scientist but 8 is larger than 4 and if we win 4 games we are screwed.
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