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  1. I'm talking about the current state of the NBA player in 2021 not 1936, or 1982, 0r 2003. 2021.
  2. Yeah I would never waste my time watching this but the first thing that came to my mind was the other countries probably play hard and like a team.
  3. I don't think MC is Dalvin Cook now go kick rocks. lol
  4. People have tried to explain to you 5 different times that the comparison was about production in the system and type of player which seems impossible for you to comprehend. If you want I can find you a player that wasn't a journeyman and had a great college career that averages 800-1000 yards a year to make it easier for you. lol
  5. People need to worry less about finding the next superstar player that's gonna lead the league in something or who they can draft in fantasy and worry more about just collecting really good players that's gonna get us to the Super Bowl. This is the same kinda thinking that drives fans to wanting to trade all their draft picks for OBJ or overpay a Le'veon Bell.
  6. I have no idea WTF you are talking about. lol You need to take your meds and get out of the house.
  7. 5,000 yards for Wilson, 1500 yards for Carter, and 1000 yards for Mims , Moore, and Davis.....Super Bowl baby greatest offense in Jets history woot woot.
  8. Honestly I probably fall into this category Claypool is clearly gonna be the better pro but I still think Mims will be solid......another thing to add is Douglas got overly praised for trading back and Mims falling to him twice as if that was his master plan.
  9. Agreed all I see is positivity surrounding Mims and calling JD a genius for drafting him for over a year straight. Wasn't very impressed by his rookie year so I'll take a wait and see approach but it's comical to say Mims has been overly criticized.
  10. I'm just gonna chalk this up to a fake Twitter account trying to get clicks and rile gullible Jets fans up.
  11. Dude watch Mostert play the past 2 years and that's what I think we are getting in Michael Carter... this isn't that complicated and the problem is you think that kinda production is gonna be a disappointment. The guy rushed for over 200 yards and had 4 TDs in a playoff game calm down everything will be ok. lol
  12. I can't tell if your being serious at this point. lol
  13. College stats are irrelevant not sure why you think this proves anything. If college stats meant anything Blair Thomas and Ki Jana Carter would be going to the HOF.
  14. I don't care where he went to college I said his production. 800 yards rushing and 300 yards receiving. Where he went to college is irrelevant my dude. And he came to mind because we are running a similar offensive scheme and I think he will be used in a similar way with similar production. The fact that you think comparing Carter to Mostert is an insult is proving my posts that fans like yourself are gonna have a melt down if the guys not Dalvin Cook which he's not gonna be because he's not as talented. Dalvin Cook would have went top 20 if he didn't have off the field issues and if you have eye balls you should be able to see the difference in talent level.
  15. I didn't say he had to be Dalvin Cook...I was responding to people saying he is gonna be Dalvin Cook. The whole point of my post was saying I like the guy and think he's gonna be a good player but if you are expecting 100-150 yards a game like some seem to be you are setting the guy up for failure. There's some people in here who think Wilson is gonna throw for 4000 yards, Carter is gonna rush for 1400 yards, Mims is gonna put up 1000 yards, and we are gonna be the greatest show on turf.
  16. I agree 100 percent I don't care about "our guy" and I'm a fan of his....I'm just tempering expectation of fans that think he's Dalvin Cook as you can see by predictions in this post.
  17. I don't see Carter as being as explosive as Ekler or the pass catcher he is...pretty sure Ekler had 1000 receiving yards a few years back. Who knows I'm not a scout I just don't see a every down back who's gonna give you 100 yards per game. 600-800 yards rushing and 300 yards receiving is kinda what I see and that's fine with me.
  18. Yeah that's the type of player he is and that's the system we are running....I'm just saying some fans are getting ahead of themselves and think he's gonna be some bell cow type back who rips off 150 yards per game. I see Raheem Mouster type of production and it may take him a few years to get going.
  19. This is messed up because I was banging the drum for Carter before the draft but he isn't Dalvin Cook he's not gonna give you 100 yards every week...he's a 10 carry 5 catch a game type player and these types of players can also take a few years to pop. If you are expecting a top 5 type running back I think you are gonna be disappointed.
  20. Surprising haven't seen many Jets fan that wanna overpay Maye,,,probably because he doesn't have a lit Twitter account and isn't talked about daily on ESPN.
  21. Only boomers call women females...everyone knows there's no such thing as men and women.
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