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  1. Giving up any draft pick for a back up would be a poor job by Douglas considering he showed no urgency in free agency signing a back up with a similar talent level and he just drafted one last year with a 4th. It really makes very little sense which is probably why people are against it.
  2. It's interesting how when Wilson threw a hissy fit about not having enough line help and the media took his side not once was it mentioned that trading two 1sts and paying Adams 20 mil a year may had and have an effect on that.
  3. I obviously don't know what happened here but all of these middle age women are popping benzos these days and when mixed with alcohol puts you on a different planet.
  4. If anyone drops out I'm looking for another money league.
  5. I don't know anyone atm who isn't on board with JD and Salah or very passionate about overpaying Maye.
  6. What came on after Johnny Bench and The Baseball Bunch?
  7. Funny the only one I like out of those is the Dallas trade...2nd and a young center. The rest are just plugging holes in the short term and taking a lesser draft pick. None of those players are worthy of a long term investment and we aren't winning anything this year.
  8. You are setting yourself up for misery but I'm here for it. lol
  9. I see a lot of people saying it's a free year and at the same time predicting 8 or 9 wins and expecting this team to be in the playoff hunt all year. It's most likely going to be a rocky year with a rookie QB, a rookie HC, and a very young team. I'm expecting a early season meltdown from the fanbase as we get off to a rough start.
  10. There's definitely still a advantage it just doesn't prevent someone from being a star in a smaller market. There's levels.
  11. I would go with a young pass rusher still on his rookie deal....Chase Young or a Bosa.
  12. Damn Teddy Bridgwater slander...that's dangerous around these parts. lol
  13. Yeah I think that makes sense if you are a contender you are a better team in the short term while collecting draft comp later....for a rebuilding team with a new head coach I think the better play is trading the player early if he's not part of the long term plan or you don't value the position.
  14. I don't have a problem with them deciding not to pay Maye my problem would be not trading him before being tagged or free agency....that would have opened up money to sign a replacement or investing that money other places plus draft compensation...would have also kept a unhappy player out of the locker room.
  15. I dunno this one doesn't add up for me dude never been in trouble and always seemed like a bright guy.....my bet is some crazy thot is involved. He wasn't coming here anyway and didn't want him.
  16. link? lol Dude I was half kidding all you dummies need to relax. But seriously listening to Rex Ryan, Mark Sanchez, and Mike T lecturing me on QB play is something I'm not into.
  17. We lead the league in former players and coaches joining the media....that's a very troubling trend.
  18. I'm still confused as to why anyone thought hiring this guy to mentor a young QB in NY was a good idea....oh yeah the offense guru thing the league is going in that direction.
  19. Good point but that seems like a QB he wanted to develop into a back up on the cheap....don't see him giving up draft picks for vets and then paying them. If this was the plan I figure he would just have paid a guy at the start of free agency rather then give up draft picks and pay guys like Minshew or Foles.
  20. If history is a indicator JD doesn't seem very concerned about back up QBs and kickers....I highly doubt he's giving up draft picks for a back up it's more likely he will sign a guy off the scrap heap for a million dollars.
  21. Never understood why people want Sherman here...at this point in his career he's basically a 10 mil dollar assistant coach or a depth piece for a contender. If he can't get paid I expect him to go back to Seattle or a team like the Titans and try and get another ring.
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