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  1. Why would we draft Mooney when we drafted the great Denzal Mims.....amirite? lol
  2. This game is exactly what I expected from two bad teams starting Goff and Daulton....I still don't understand why the Lions thought it was a good idea to rebuild with Jared Goff...makes zero sense.
  3. I feel like Buck has gotten less annoying while Aikman gets more irritating the older he gets.
  4. Any reason why the Lions don't get Swift 25 touches? Him and Hockenson seem like the only good player they got.
  5. Troy Aikman and his constant fake laughing is so annoying. lol
  6. Technically Douglas has only been here a week he's got at least 5 more years to get rid of all of John Idziks players. Happy Halloween.
  7. Klecko is a Hall of Famer for is role in Cannon Ball Run alone.
  8. I used to listen to this guy his game is he takes every side of a debate over time and then points out how right he was. And he also has these weird divorce analogies so he definitely has daddy issues. lol
  9. Buffalo vs Green Bay Green Bay SB Champs.
  10. Why do I now have the Curb Your Enthusiasm theme stuck in my head?
  11. Same people who said Daniel Jones sucked wanted them to take Dwayne Haskins....just saying.
  12. When optimism turns delusional or creating your own reality is where I have a problem. You see this a lot when "optimistic" Jets fans talk about JD or Wilson. You can root for people to succeed and also live in the real world were JD has made tons of mistakes and WIlson has been awful so far.
  13. The narrative that Lefleur radically changed his game plan or play calling after Wilson got injured has been debunked 100 times in Jet pressers...I guess it doesn't really matter tho the proof will be in the last 7 games.
  14. Yeah agree 100 percent you don't take a RB in the first unless you are ready to win....pretty sure they take Darnold tho if not Barkley so he would have been screwed either way....sucks they didn't do us a favor....oh who am I kidding if they take Darnold we are taking Rosen. lol
  15. Finding a solid kicker shouldn't be this difficult.
  16. This is a gutless fire Garret wasn't missing open receivers all over the field.....doesn't really matter Giants are going nowhere with the trio of Dave Gettlemen, Joe Judge, and Daniel Jones.
  17. I've never seen so much excitement about drafting a few good players. lol Talk about a low bar.
  18. It all depends if Lafleur calls plays from the box Lafleur in box - Five SBs and a first ballot HOFer Lafleur on the side line - gets hooked on black tar heroin and dies in a drive by shooting.
  19. Honestly the only thing that matters is that Wilson doesn't look like Ryan Leaf.
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