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  1. Last time people were this upset a QB fell it was Dwayne Haskins.
  2. The Dolphins are a solid team that's just now adding explosive play makers but everything will hinge on Tua....I actually think we could see the Bills fall off a cliff once they pay Allen they haven't drafted well for like 3 years.
  3. Plus they don't take anything else into account besides on field analytics...it's clear JD is building a certain kinda culture similar to Baltimore that's why the interview process plays a big roll. All I keep hearing is AVT lives, sleeps, and breathes football and puts people through the ground. Analytics removes a human element.
  4. It's taking analytics to an absurd level...the equivalent of taking your ace starter out of game 7 in the WS in the 5th because a piece of paper says so.
  5. Im pretty sure the Jimmy Johnson trade chart was virtually even....off by 40 points or something. Being upset by that trade makes zero sense to me.
  6. Analytic nerds have ruined baseball and now they have brainwashed people into caring more about how many mid rounds picks you have instead of just drafting pro bowl players....must be a miserable time. lol
  7. The Jets just payed Lawson and Rankins in free agency also brought in Curry....the line was the biggest strength going into the draft we will survive till next year it was the least of our problems.
  8. Nobody knows if any of these players will pan out but this is what's most encouraging. What needed to be done was obvious and it wasn't pass rushers and trading down at the top of the draft.
  9. The only thing im upset about is we didn't take a kicker which JD doesn't seem to care about. A+ draft otherwise
  10. Yes I'm very happy about the areas prioritized in this draft....and where the ywere prioritized.
  11. I'm pretty happy JD also understood the needs of the team never could understand why dudes in here wanted to take pass rushers high.
  12. Taking a ton of guys in the secondary actually isn't a bad strategy if one pans out it's a win. Davis was a bust pick tho.
  13. getting upset about 6th round picks is like when baseball fans get upset about the rule 5 draft.
  14. the media loves when players try to force themselves off teams.
  15. Maybe JD is playing politics....do Andy a favor now for a favor at a later date.
  16. yeah not a fan of that it's a waste of brain power. lol
  17. Yeah that doesn't make a whole lot of sense.
  18. This is the area of the draft that is a lottery so trading back and getting extra picks makes sense. The first 3 rounds of the draft shouldn't be a lottery it should be about scouting and picking the best player on your board.
  19. Did the Miami kicker get picked? if not pick that beast.
  20. people acting like they know which day 3 picks are gonna pan out and which aren't will always be hilarious.
  21. Why are people saying we took 2 safties when we took a LB and a corner? lol
  22. Or JD is such a genius he knows exactly what's gonna happen like when he traded back and Mims lasted 11 more picks.
  23. It seems to me it changes depending on what his personal board looks like....what this draft has taught me is hes flexible and not married to any philosophy. ....thankfully.
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