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  1. Yeah plenty of people get info when the deals are done nobody knows who the Jets are taking 6 hours before the draft.
  2. saying a team with extra picks is trying to move up isn't having inside information it's common sense.
  3. nobody knows what Douglas is doing....pretending you do exposes yourself.
  4. Exactly....they could have traded down taken Newsome or a lineman and picked up multiple picks....instead they took a guy whos a mid rounder at best.
  5. Jets moving up, Bears moving up, Giants moving down....they got a haul for taking Toney instead of Smith....wasn't by design but it will turn out to be a steal.
  6. Thats what they said before his pro day....and he came in lighter at 165
  7. Horn at 8 to Carolina and Leatherwood to Raiders at 17. Both overdrafts and Carolina missed a opportunity to pick up future 1s or support Darnold....they also drafted all defense last year.
  8. We got Mims by passing on a better WR.....exactly what I don't wanna do pick a lesser player.
  9. when people are as emotionally invested and hysterical as these dopes theres an agenda.
  10. Not trading down will prove to me he's not as dumb as the cult members and I will jump on the JD train...extra points for going offense also. Creed Humphrey or the TE.
  11. In order to be right about the Wilson pick people are obsessed with trashing both Fields and Darnold. That seems to be the mindset I think.
  12. Lawrence got his teammate...seems to be a trend. Burrow-Chase, Tua-Waddle, and Lawrence- Etienne
  13. I'm not in the JD cult but the fact he used his draft capital to move up rather then being obsessed about "value" is winning me over. Next step is NOT trading back at 34 like some of you dopes want and using your 4ths, 5ths, and 6ths to move up into the 2nd and 3rd.
  14. I love the pick and trade up but the value chart was virtually even
  15. we wont trade down from 34. we have plenty of late round picks
  16. People need to get over the value nonsense...it doesn't trump picking the best player calm down. And they shouldnt trade back at 34 they should be trading up in the second and giving up 5th and 6ths.
  17. The Darnold hate around here is pathetic.
  18. The trade down value crew is all upset we gave up 3rd rounders. lol
  19. Tribisky had a pop gun for a arm and not nearly the running ability....lazy comp.
  20. Makes zero sense to draft Horn in that spot should have moved down and got what they could. That felt like a Jet move.
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