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  1. This is the kinda brain dead take that only works after a win. lol
  2. People call me a hater because I think Zach Wilson stinks and you dudes are betting on the Pats. lmao
  3. They won't bench him right now but I'm also starting to get the feeling they won't let the season go up in flames because of one player anymore especially with a chance to make the playoffs.
  4. Lot's of cult like behavior not only in fandom but in real life these days....it feels like people would rather create their own reality that they prefer than look at information objectively.
  5. I think todays performance from the QB was impossible to excuse even for the positive vibes only crew....he did try his best tho.
  6. "They were winning in spite of him instead of because him" seems to be the new talking point that would have gotten you hung on a stake yesterday.
  7. I think it's the perfect storm of the top QBs getting old and teams starting young QBs that shouldn't be on the field yet.....the question is are teams ruining young players by not letting them sit and learn for a few years. A decade ago Wilson wouldn't have seen the field till 2023.
  8. Zach hasn't put together a complete game in his career I'm sorry I'm sick of hearing how he had one good quarter against the Steelers...this isn't a reactionary opinion even tho some are memory holing their ridiculous fanboy behavior.
  9. Flacco was on his last legs 3 years ago.
  10. Yeah I wanted White starting these games when WIlson was hurt the past two years I don't understand why he was benched last year and what's changed now. Flacco got old and sh*tty overnight? lol
  11. Strange play calling on short yardage downs the past few weeks also....2nd and 2 lets pass twice.
  12. It's amazing how people have gone from yelling at people to agreeing with them in under 24 hours.
  13. What is the thought process behind having Flacco start games for this team the past few years and now having White backup the rest of the season? I'm so confused. lol
  14. deactivate him and let him rot on the practice squad....let Mims play.
  15. I'm not overly impressed with Fields but at least he looks like a professional QB who is improving....what we got is an all time bust.
  16. This is what scares me and why I think some were so vocal even when winning....they can't hide Wilson for another year and a half then cut bait and I can't spend the next two years arguing with dummies about how Zach is really good I just don't understand. lol
  17. OMG Mark Sanchez is announcing a Geno Smith game after Zach Wilson sh*t the bed.....this day just gets worse.
  18. I'm not even mad at Douglas he took a shot on a QB and it's a bust....I think we have a GM, coach, and a good young team we can't do this again next year tho they need to cut bait and not waste another year.
  19. The problem with some people around here is they think quick 8 yard slants that go for 60 is great QB play.
  20. If they throw in the towel and just start running that's cowardice.
  21. Hey dummies the reason Wilson didn't throw any INTS is because they didn't let him play
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