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  1. These shows were good to begin with but once people start taking themselves too seriously they become insufferable...The Let's Talk Jets guys are the best of the bunch at having self awareness but that's not saying much. You sound like you need to get out more.
  2. I don't really understand the Benigo hate the guy is the least offensive talk show host in history....I haven't listened to the fan or any other sports talk in years the whole profession has turned to sh*t.
  3. Yeah kinda like the whole world freaking out about how great the Jamal Adams trade was for the Seahawks and a year later complaining about why Russel Wilson doesn't have enough help.
  4. My mom was a fan of booze and cigarettes. lol
  5. Yeah everybody has the opinion you have of Jones which is why there was an uproar when the rumors were they moved up for Jones.....so either the rumors where BS or they got scared off.
  6. The public are such simpletons people love what the Jags did in the offseason when all they did was overpay aging overrated players.
  7. Strange strategy I don't think I would have been that desperate for a QB unless I was in love with one.
  8. I'm convinced Lance wasn't who they traded up for but public pressure made them pivot off Jones.
  9. Mike T was an accountant who let his head coaches pick the players....I always cringe when he gives his opinions of players on TV.
  10. I find Connor Hughes podcast so uncomfortable it's just him giving his longwinded opinions while two clueless dweebs stare at him.
  11. If Lafleur would have called plays in the box from the beginning of the season we would have never needed a back up.
  12. The PFF nerd crew loved Joe Douglas when he was collecting picks and drafting John Morgan and they hate him when he is trading up for AVT, Hall, and JJ....this is what people call intelligent these days. I am personally thankful and relieved JD isn't in the trade down cult....also when did the "rule" change from you don't draft a RB in round one to you don't draft a RB till round 3 nobody informed me of the rule change.
  13. Narcissists with no friends.
  14. That's true Berrios was very good but the reason this argument is still going on is to absolve someone of blame which is idiotic and a waste of time. The WRs dropped balls and Zach was throwing grounders the first 7 games.
  15. Friends don't let friends buy rookie jerseys.
  16. Because his ego couldn't take Chrebet being more popular than him.
  17. No the problem is people pandering to the mentally ill....words aren't violence and men can't give birth.
  18. Well that's terrible news game management is what cost the Chargers a playoff berth last year the last game of the year for them was a disaster.
  19. It removes common sense from the equation....watch the San Diego Chargers play football they go for it on 4th down every possession even if they are ahead and on their own 20 in a playoff game or the Tampa Rays when they pulled their ace pitcher in game 7 of the World Series in the 5th inning because it was the third time through the line up.
  20. I was just gonna post this...these analytics people have a hard time thinking when the computer doesn't spit out numbers for them. I think she said 10. 35, and Moore.
  21. I think the problem with this is people have a different definition of what a mentor is....these guys are in meetings and on the practice field 100s of hours I'm sure if Wllis has questions there's tons of people including Tannehill who will be there to help but it's not his job to be his coach or his best friend who follows him around all day.
  22. He will get training camp at least but I'm rooting for him....people are very emotional about Denzel Mims. lol
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