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  1. Sam is far from a finished product he's only played 3 games for a professional team.
  2. Sam looks pretty good for only his 3rd game playing for a professional team.
  3. I thought that was why we hired a new coach...to change the culture.
  4. Yeah those people are dumb also I guess there's levels. lol
  5. Yeah but nothing will ever be as moronic as the Denzel Mims nonsense. Probably an all time low.
  6. Ingram is a good secondary back for a team like the Ravens...none of these guys are great but Johnson has looked the best so far tonight imo
  7. This 3 headed RB committee Houston has sucks but I think Johnson is the best back they should feed him.
  8. Yeah I get that but we are getting into ridiculous territory.
  9. So you can't tackle the QB at the thighs anymore? lol
  10. I'm gonna spend zero seconds of my life this year worrying about where the Jets pick in the second round. lol
  11. Sammy D to Robbie bomb coming up. lol
  12. Every QB would turn to water behind the Jets O line those years.
  13. Sammy D looking like Steve Young. lol
  14. This game is gonna get messy Sam should be able to put up 300 and 2 or 3 easy.
  15. Boomer thought Gase was a good coach till about week 15 last year.
  16. I don't disagree it's a bad look for JD it's also a bad look for people who called the move genius for 2 years which I'm guessing plays a role here. I also don't think throwing lazy players out on the field is the way you build a successful organization long term but that's just me.
  17. The fact that people are taking the side of a guy whos clearly not bright or lazy which is probably why he dropped a round in the draft over the new coaching staff is mental.
  18. I'm not losing sleep over Baker Mayfield he's marginally better then Bridgewater.
  19. Zero chance Mayfield would have succeeded here. He was terrible his first few season both on and off the field. And the jury is still out weather he's anything more then a game manager on a loaded team.
  20. Coming soon old men posting their free Denzel Mims dances from Tic Tok.
  21. It was only a matter of time before people started posting Tik Toc videos here. lol
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