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  1. Or maybe like an adult JD is able to admit his mistakes and realizes Denzel Mims sucks unlike the fanbase who is obsessed with yet another 2nd round bust.
  2. Isn't Jeff Smith a gunner on specials? The 4th and 5th receivers usually have a role on special teams so I'm guessing that plays a role here.
  3. My point is freaking out over the 4th and 5th WR spot on this level is mental.
  4. Call me crazy but I would rather lose then win with a QB who's a serial rapist.
  5. These are the same people who thought trading down passing on Claypool and drafting Mims and a 3rd string QB was genius. I think they have convinced themselves Denzel Mims is Randy Moss over the past 2 years.
  6. " Quick somebody jump on Jetnation and get me a play to run"
  7. Not signing a vet back up for a few million will never make any sense to me,
  8. Maybe learning on the job will pay off in the long run but he really shouldn't be on the field right now IMO. He's so raw that 10 games on the bench would have given him time to get adjusted to the league and also the young team to gel before throwing him out there. I think the team miscalculated and thought he was a more polished prospect then he is.
  9. Yeah what makes it worse is the media and announcers have gone state media and basically ignore and accept it now which will lead to it just getting progressively worse.
  10. One of the reasons why I wanted to keep Darnold was not only that I thought he was more talented then he showed but that I thought this class was way overhyped and if Darnold sucked again you could always draft a QB next year. As it turned out you could have still traded back and drafted fields.
  11. The reason why WIlson is a professional athlete is because he isn't as soft as you are....your feelings are probably hurt more then his.
  12. Yeah and Carter is Dalvin Cook and Mims is randy Moss....and we are making the playoffs.
  13. This is true...people waste an awful lot of time on this garbage we can agree on that.
  14. I was with you till you mentioned Twitter and Youtube...the dumbest sh*t I've heard over the past two years have been on Twitter and Youtube. lol Being a good fan doesn't mean being a complete homer.
  15. So now Crowder a guy people have been trying to get rid of for a year because we have the best WRs in the league is the key to the Jets success ?
  16. I'm not surprise this team has got off to a slow start but I am surprised we are still non competitive and inept on offense. I mean Houston is scoring 30 a game with Tyrod Taylor.
  17. Peoples bizarre fandom of mediocre Jets has gone from Joe Douglas to Denzel Mims.
  18. I'm not saying Wilson wont be good but what's hilarious is people were so confident he was going to be great and that we had a brilliant GM.....the offseason is good times. lol
  19. Denzel friggin Mims is the least of this teams problems who cares he's not that important for this kind of hysteria.
  20. I"m not saying he is. I personally never liked the QB and I was always wait and see with JD but the Johnsons aren't firing Douglas a year after hiring a coach and drafting a QB.... this is the crew like it or not.
  21. This regime is all tied together. You are gonna see the same GM, coach, QB combo for at least the next three seasons we all knew this when we hired a new coach and drafted a QB in the top 10....there was always a possibility it would be a disaster lets hope its not.
  22. Also Seattle looks pretty good so we can forget the fantasy of getting a high pick.
  23. I root for the Raiders but I have seen this movie before I'll wait until week 15 to see if they are real. lol
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