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  1. yeah I know completely crazy...not like wrs are demanding trades because they aren't getting the ball. lol
  2. I don't think he's good and I fear he will lose the locker room before the season ends....we are nearing put up or shut up time.
  3. I'm gonna wait till the MRI Saleh has a pretty sh*tty record of predicting how hurt guys are.
  4. I'm not coming on after the win till next week I can't read the BS. lol
  5. They should have just ran the ball twice and punted with 5 minutes.
  6. all we need is a few 1st downs and kill some clock
  7. Don't love these short yardage calls but at least we are in position to win
  8. 1st and 5 and you can't figure out how to get a 1st down.
  9. Same dudes who were calling Daniel Jones and Trevor Lawrence trash an hour ago are making excuses for Zach WIlson. lmao
  10. Don't care about the injuries still no reason the Jets can't win this game and Zippy improves in the second half.
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