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  1. Honestly I think the only good teams in the league are KC and Buffalo.
  2. No one should be humiliated but yes some of you are acting like children. lol
  3. Analyzing a player who's the 2nd overall pick in the draft isn't bitching...you can be patient and wave the pom poms and the adults will discuss football regardless of your feelings.
  4. Geez some off you guys went from calling people names for questioning a players play to straight up crying now.....it's time for the QB to play like he belongs in the league case closed.
  5. Playing the "I told ya so" game with Q is lame....he was a solid player for 4 years and he's broken out....people were a bit disappointed considering where he was drafted and the history of drafting the position and now they aren't...... cool beans you got everyone. lol
  6. You can do what you want I'm just saying for some it's more than a game and they get emotionally attached to the players....I just want the team to win could care less if the QBS name is Zach Wilson or Joey Smith.
  7. That's like asking why the stadium is filled with middle aged men wearing number 2 jerseys....some of these fans hero worship these players it's not just a game or sport.
  8. Yeah when the Oilers left Houston they should have left the history in there......although I suspect they would have been forced to change the name and logo anyway. lol
  9. Who cares if we win if Zach throws zero interceptions.
  10. Yeah not interested in that kind of a debate but I don't think I would champion any billionaire as a champion of the people....but that's just me.
  11. I liked Warren Moon and the Oilers back in the late 80's early 90's....cool uniforms and the run and shoot offense.
  12. You should probably visit an Amazon warehouse. lmao
  13. Oh thank God Jeff Bezos will be the owner of Washington instead of Daniel Snyder we call all sleep peacefully at night.
  14. People are still under the impression that Zach cleaning up a few throws is the only problem....I predict that we will win another 3 or 4 games this year by hiding Zach and we will still be having these arguments in the offseason....some people will think Zach played great because he threw 2 or 3 good balls a game and limited his INTs.
  15. It's interesting how the people who have conniption fits if you criticize Zachey poo and called you negative are currently bashing the whole team and coaching staff....me personally I just think the QB is dog sh*t.
  16. And any negativity towards Q was because we have a history of drafting interior tackles in the top 10 who were not worth 2nd contracts....terrible example.
  17. We are in year 2 of QB who was drafted 2nd overall and he's playing like he doesn't belong in the league...if people have a problem that fans are discussing it passionately they can go kick rocks.
  18. This is the same guy who curses every 5 seconds on his podcast because he thinks it's edgy. There's a ton of gatekeeping on how fans should behave lately and the people doing it can fvck right off.
  19. Haven't been the biggest Mims fan but I feel 100 percent comfortable going forward with WIlson, Mims, Davis, and Berrios. into next year.
  20. This trade is a nothing burger they moved up one round and got rid of a jag....anyone getting emotional one way or the other needs to relax.
  21. This is the narrative now being pushed from people who told you that you were dumb for questioning Zach Wilson's play last week....next week when Zach get's benched at the half it will change once again.
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