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  1. Hot take our 4th pick must be good!
  2. Still a better take than Mike Florio saying Colin Kaepernick is still one of the best QBs in the league. lol
  3. If guys like Davis or Mims become useful players it's a bonus but I'm not expecting much from either.
  4. Yeah they always make flashy moves and get pre season hype and never do anything....I suspect Watson will get them into the playoffs every year tho which is why they were so desperate to get him
  5. If Cleveland loved Njoku so much why did they draft a guy in the 2nd last year and pay Hooper big bucks?
  6. Douglas was never trading for this mental patient that's just something fans would wanna do.
  7. Drafting interior tackles and expecting them to be Aaron Donald was a bad strategy for this team for a few decades...Q is a good player but unlikely to be a 10 sack a year guy so it will be interesting if they overpay him or not.
  8. I only get my news from First Take and Steven A Smith.
  9. Kap chooses to go back on the plantation interesting.
  10. I actually like his breakdowns but if you watch a full pod he curses literally 100 times it's overboard and he comes off as a try hard.
  11. SImms is trying way too hard to be edgy and cool by cursing every 5 seconds it's so cringe.
  12. Yeah I'm saying people have got so used to talking to people in a nasty way online they have deluded themselves into thinking they can now act that way in real life.
  13. Yeah what has happened over the past few years is people have gotten so used to talking to people in a nasty way it's spilled over into the real world and some people are gonna get hurt.
  14. Meh this is one of those situations when everyone involved is garbage.
  15. Good thing Watson didn't call anyone Jackie Robinson that would have been a step too far.
  16. I never understood why grown adults are so passionate about cancelling these all-stars game they are mostly meant for 12 year old's to promote the sport just stop watching if you don't like them senior citizens getting all hysterical about them is pathetic.
  17. How did they find time to talk about the Jets was this in between race debates?
  18. Yeah it's the totality including trading for Flacco...the point really is you can't have it both ways you can't treat 5th round picks like gold then waste them on back up QBs....it's really a moot point Douglas has had a few good years in a row but year one was a dumpster fire it's ok to admit it....still pretending trading back drafting Mims and Morgan were good moves doesn't make people better fans.
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