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  1. Why they don't roll him out consistently I have no clue.
  2. Zach reminds me of Manning the precision passing makes me wet.
  3. Miserable people we are 5-2 and you bums are crying about the back-up QB.
  4. Zach is so awesome the team feels the need to activate the 4th QB for the wildcat....he can't even run it because he may sprain his labia.
  5. I dunno Wilson hasn't thrown any INTs in the last 3 games so we are set.
  6. Why are you guys talking about Tom Brady's marriage when we are 5-2?
  7. Nah not a great route runner and he's mental but he is explosive....perfect fit for KC they will get him the ball in space.
  8. Why do we need more WRs when we can't get the ball to the ones we have now? We have spent enough capital on the position even if the team gets rid of Moore at some point the position should be filled in the mid rounds going forward.
  9. Brady looks like sh*t Herbstret blaming everyone else.
  10. The home at 10am crowd who watch the Skip and Shannon show and First take.
  11. I loved this album in HS blast from the past.
  12. This Thursday night broadcast is terrible can't tell if Michaels doesn't give a sh*t or Herbstret is just a bore.
  13. Always has but I don't think you are allowed to say this. lol
  14. Brady is lucky he gets all the clean pockets.
  15. Haha how is Hughes correcting his own report when he was there and the one asking the question? This is like when Hughes tried to break down the Corey Davis busted coverage TD vs the Browns and it went horribly wrong. lol
  16. If you actually watch the presser this article is misleading....Hughes asked if Moore would see more time in the slot and Lefluer said " Yeah we always consider everything and every week is gonna be different". Giant nothing burger somebody just needed some content for the day.
  17. Yeah I don't care about any of that I was talking about from a gameday fan experience.
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