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  1. Yeah my bad got Jets first round busts mixed up...so many can't keep track. Lol
  2. Exactly....he has the same profile as Coples. We need day 1 starters.
  3. I agree with this post 100 percent...I'm waiting to see what the draft looks like if its not offensive heavy then its just the same philosophy we've always had minus the overpaying for over the hill vets.
  4. I went to a Tom Petty/Black Crowes concert in Boston with a Yankee hat on and I got harassed all day and almost got jumped. lol
  5. Oweh is a athletic freak with zero production on the field...Jets can't be taking a project with one of their top 3 picks they need to hit on them.
  6. Well in fairness this is how 90 percent of ESPN employees approach building a football team.
  7. The Tweet doesn't even say he has any sources it says word around the league...which like everything else surrounding this topic is opinions.
  8. I don't disagree with much actually there's just not enough evidence to have strong feelings one way or the other. Fan boying over JD is the equivalent to buying a draft picks jersey before he has played a game....it usually results in walking around looking like a idiot for 3 years.
  9. 2013-Just let John Idzik do his job he knows what he's doing. 2015-Just Let Mike McCagnan do his job he knows what he's doing. 2021-Just let JD do his job he knows what he's doing. TBH I've never seen this amount of fan boying over a GM who's proven nothing.
  10. Exactly that's why its hilarious its not being taken seriously.
  11. The people who want Darnold gone don't find this to be a interesting statement but repost every random Twitter account saying they are "hearing" the Jets are drafting a QB. Lol
  12. The sad part is you believe if there's a blue check mark its real news.
  13. We live in a world were if you have a Twitter or YouTube channel people will repeat the dumb sh*t you day. Lol
  14. I like the players signed and the philosophy I just don't think it aligns with keeping Darnold or making a major jump next year offensively... so I'm now completely against keeping him when before I could go either way.
  15. I was pro keeping Darnold and trading down but not being aggressive in free agency with getting line help only sets Sam up to fail. It also makes no sense to keep Sam his value will just plummet and I don't see this team being any different offensively with Darnold or a guy like Mullens or Mariotta next year...just get the 2nd round pick and sit Wilson half the year.
  16. Only in 2021 is not being overly emotional and hyperbolic considered weird. Lol
  17. All those teams drafted well for about 3 years before they popped.
  18. I tend to agree with you.....it seems like JD is running a tight ship with no leaks...the media hasn't been right about which players the Jets would target and there were no rumors about the players they did sign. Fans are just repeating narratives by people who don't have a clue.
  19. Would be hilarious if JDs plan all along was to keep Darnold I think the cult members heads might explode.
  20. I have been taking a wait and see approach with JD since he's been here...he's done nothing one way or the other to have a strong reaction so the haters are clowns and so are the cult members.
  21. This place is nuts . lol nobody was giving Juju number one receiver money so he resigned at a cheap rate hoping to have a big year and hit the market next year ...the place to have a big year isn't on the NY Jets.
  22. I know who Cole is dude hes a 4th WR...solid depth signing but lets chill.
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