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  1. Zach should say he feels like a women inside he will have a statue built for him this weekend.
  2. You aren't a real fan unless you think everyone on the team sucks except Zach Wilson.
  3. The mistake was letting a project QB from BYU start day 1 and learn on the job....in all honesty he probably shouldn't even be on the field yet. This relatively new phiosophy that every QB taken needs to start right away or be forced on the field is a poor one. You can't blame NY or fans for a QB playing the position at a all time bad level.... this isn't just bad QB play this is comically bad QB play.
  4. Mahomes was a rich kid so was Steph Curry...I think Zach is a terrible QB but this ESPN hot take garbage is gross zero reason to go after the kid personally he didn't beat his gf or sexual assault 50 massage therapists.
  5. Why are you mad at people who correctly analyzed the play of the QB? Are we supposed to still pretend Wilson is playing well to protect your feelings? There's like some Zach WIlson derangement syndrome going on here.
  6. I was talking about in game not post game champ....he's gonna start him and have a quick hook.
  7. Loved Salehs approach we have moved into the the phase of Zachs career that he's not being handed anything anymore....perfect timing before you lose the locker room.
  8. I would be shocked if Saleh went from not thinking about pulling Wilson yesterday to benching him...probably just making the clowns in the media sit around all day and miss dinner. lol
  9. The guy who's career Zach reminds me of most is Johnny Manziel...go watch some of his old highlights he's completely lost on the field missing guys by 20 ft like Zach...similiar career stats also. Zach Wilson in 7 games this year: 4 TD, 5 INT, 55.6% completions Johnny Manziel in 9 games in 2015: 7 TD, 5 INT, 57.8% completions
  10. Most analysis has bias involved that's why it's hard to take most of it seriously....Zachs performance yesterday wasn't all that different from most of his career it's just missing two or three solid throws and a good rushing game.
  11. All of these frauds have done a 180 in a week. A few weeks ago they were throwing tantrums if you had any criticism whatsoever.
  12. Making a few throws a game doesn't make you a accurate or good QB....this is what has manipulated people cherry picking a few throws a game and replaying them like it's some great accomplishment.
  13. Just what the Jets need a QB who can't play against the New England Patriots.
  14. It's fascinating watching the big brains who told me Zach was Mahomes last week jump ship like the rats they are.
  15. Zach is 5-2 this year as a starter stop being so negative someone ban this guy....so many fake fans around here who don't know football.
  16. He has been inaccurate and missing wide open guys all season...the only difference is there isn't 2 or 3 throws they can fanboy over yesterday and they didn't rush for 200 yards and bail him out.
  17. If Zach was playing so well all season why are these fanboys done after one game? The answer is he was never playing well these hacks were always picking and choosing plays to push their narratives,
  18. why do fans pay attention to people who are wrong consistently? These are the same guys who were telling you that you were stupid a few weeks ago if you thought Zach was playing poorly. These basement analysts are the worst I don't need to watch 20 hours of tape a week to tell you Wilson has sucked all year.
  19. We had 2 yards in the second half and didn't even attempt to move the ball with two minutes left....the game was over we were lucky Folk missed 2 FGs....we didn't deserve to win the game.
  20. I was done with the game when they didn't even try to get in FG range with two minute left....wasn't even pissed with the return we were never winning the game.
  21. The Jets could still be playing right now and not have gotten in field goal range the return spared us of overtime.
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