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  1. Yeah him and OBJ are probably pretty close. lol
  2. Exactly the media are hype men these days.
  3. I like Metcalf as a player but cant root for him with that stupid pacifier in his mouth. lol
  4. Rams line is nasty if they can make the Hawks one dimensional they have a chance.
  5. I don't think most of these talking heads actually watch games....half of them acted like the Chiefs signing Bell was a big deal. lol
  6. I was watching a pregame show today and they were still pushing the narrative Adams is great in coverage and can cover WRs.
  7. Yeah I agree all are mediocre options...the team is ready to win now tho they aren't gonna roll with a guy like Brisset that's like signing Tyrod Taylor or something.
  8. Well I mean you wanna start Jacoby Brisset after winning 11 games so. lol
  9. Hell no Rivers is light years better then Brisset....If they move on they would have to make a trade for Stafford, Ryan, Or Wentz....I'm guessing Wentz because he had his best years under Reich.
  10. Yeah game management was a mess all game by Reich......Rivers had a great game imo but the last drive was partially on him.
  11. They had 2:30 at the 20 that's plenty of time to get in field goal range no way you should run out of time if you lose it should be on downs.
  12. Poor job in the last minute with game management and play calling......Colts reminded me of the Jets today.
  13. Now its Rivers fault cause the WR fumbled....LOLOL
  14. Yeah the philosophy is you will get at least one of the two....still hate it in a big spot.
  15. Frank Reich has plenty of time to blow this game again.
  16. Colts will probably move on from Rivers but I don't see who they get thats any better.
  17. I guarantee the Colts are gonna back door cover and screw up my parlays. lol
  18. Same people who think this is a well coached game think Blake Snell shoulda been pulled in the 5th in the World Series.
  19. This whole draft and free agency should be focused on offense....we can piece meal the defense together and focus on D next year...sick of having the worst offensive talent in the league no QB is ever gonna be developed.
  20. Jet fan- Darnold sucks who cares about the line and that he has no weapons. Same Jet fan- Allen is only good because he's surrounded by so much talent.
  21. Colts are blowing this game no fault of Rivers....and anyone who doesn't appreciate Allens talent is just salty.
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