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  1. ahhhh sh*t I wanted the kicker
  2. Or JD is such a genius he knows exactly what's gonna happen like when he traded back and Mims lasted 11 more picks.
  3. It seems to me it changes depending on what his personal board looks like....what this draft has taught me is hes flexible and not married to any philosophy. ....thankfully.
  4. dude im not upset about anything stop taking everything so seriously...learn to laugh. this is the area you wanna trade down at....not when theres premium picks on the board.
  5. Trade down I'm glad someone of you are very happy now. lol
  6. That guy looked terrified.lol
  7. No I care that the team doesn't go in a stupid direction that was advocated by so many....I feel we are in good hands now. lol
  8. We had to make up for the ignoring of offense for the last 25 years.
  9. Same here....ironically the people on the JD bandwagon before are upset about trading up and no defense.
  10. Everyone take a shot after someone says value. We will be drunk in 15 minutes.
  11. JD killing it with the offense. Was my second favorite RB after Eitenne
  12. These guys are shocked the Texans took a QB. lol
  13. If we take either Cox or Carter and also a kicker it's a successful day in my books.
  14. We should trade back the value is in the 12th round.
  15. Fant was fine last year I think JD has more confidence in Mcgovern then most fans do.
  16. The keys to Douglas draft and what has sold me on him are two thing....he understood the needs of the team were offense and surround his young QB with premier talent......and he used his extra draft capital to go after the players he loved not trade down and horde lesser picks. Ironically the JD cult was kinda advocating for the opposite.
  17. People pick and choose what they get hysterical about...same people upset about this probably let their kids listen to Wet Ass Pussy and change their genders.
  18. I like Carter better then Williams he's my second favorite RB.....surprised Cox is also still on the board would be disappointed if it's not one of the two.
  19. Ironically this draft is what sold me on Joe Douglas. Targeting the players they were high on and not overthinking it.
  20. You aren't going to know who the best receivers are until they get on the field why even fret about it right now? Moore could be the best WR in the draft like Jefferson or he could be a bust who the F knows. We basically have two rookie receivers in Mims and Moore just be happy we didn't draft D lineman and pass rushers they are at least attempting to build a offense through the draft.
  21. That's a poor example I think people who don't like WR at 34 probably wanted defense because pass rusher is a top need. lol
  22. Until Twitter I didn't realize how gullible people are....It's embarrassing if you take these sorts of people seriously please stop. lol
  23. QB Lawrence, RB Eitenne, CB Campbell, and OL Little. A+ draft.
  24. He's clearly not being resigned not sure why people are so anxious to get rid of a weapon tho....plus people wanted to cut Crowder and give Curtis Samuels 12 mil a year which made no sense whatsoever.
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