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  1. Yeah I'm saying people have got so used to talking to people in a nasty way online they have deluded themselves into thinking they can now act that way in real life.
  2. Yeah what has happened over the past few years is people have gotten so used to talking to people in a nasty way it's spilled over into the real world and some people are gonna get hurt.
  3. Meh this is one of those situations when everyone involved is garbage.
  4. Good thing Watson didn't call anyone Jackie Robinson that would have been a step too far.
  5. I never understood why grown adults are so passionate about cancelling these all-stars game they are mostly meant for 12 year old's to promote the sport just stop watching if you don't like them senior citizens getting all hysterical about them is pathetic.
  6. How did they find time to talk about the Jets was this in between race debates?
  7. Yeah it's the totality including trading for Flacco...the point really is you can't have it both ways you can't treat 5th round picks like gold then waste them on back up QBs....it's really a moot point Douglas has had a few good years in a row but year one was a dumpster fire it's ok to admit it....still pretending trading back drafting Mims and Morgan were good moves doesn't make people better fans.
  8. Trading back to collect 4th and 5th round picks genius...wasting said picks no big deal.
  9. The other half thought it was a stroke of genius and we would be getting 2 first round picks in a two years.
  10. This country has a serious mental illness issue.
  11. What if Saleh and Douglas entered The Cannonball Run?
  12. I like Jake he's funny and doesn't take himself too seriously which is a problem with some of these Youtube fellas.
  13. He should start a Youtube show and talk about Denzel Mims everyday.
  14. Those Lollapalooza shows at Randalls Island were great I went to one the following year with Tool and Korn.
  15. I was at this show fun time. I was in the parking lot before the show drinking with friends when a hug ebrawl broke out apparently someone scalped tickets that were fake and it ended with a crowd of people getting plowed by a car.
  16. Ivermectin is a anti parasitic that's been prescribed billions of times that's safer than Asprin who cares if it works or not......the only conspiracy is people pretending it's rat poison and that there's no other treatment's besides an experimental leaky vax..... cha ching.
  17. Meh let's be honest we live in a world now where everyone's opinions and principles are based on who they like and what they want the final outcome to be.
  18. This thread is unintentionally hilarious and sad all at the same time.
  19. Can Jets fans stop being so pathetic we won 3 games last year and who TF cares what Brady Quinn and ESPN bloggers have to say?
  20. Not only a ridiculous comment but by all accounts this was a very weak top ten with only a few players that would have went top ten in a average year.... so I will judge Garden to the other players taken in the top ten this year not compared to CBs of past drafts.
  21. Doesn't it ever dawn on anyone that you are most likely arguing with 14 year old's and the mentally ill? lol
  22. I mean teams ran for 300 yards a game against us last year and he's a defensive coach...I'm as hopefully as anyone but he didn't exactly coach like Vince Lombardi last year.
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