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  1. I think this is BS....I think what happened is GMs scouted this draft differently then media and fans all I heard for months was that this was a deep and talented edge draft and the WR group was weak and what happened on draft day was GMs thought the opposite which is why JD took a corner at 4 and a WR at 10. Rather than saying the media/fans sucked at analyzing this draft they will just say someone lied to me.
  2. I look at Mims being cut in training camp and I think they will bring in a vet.... a Keelan Cole type.
  3. Never understood people getting upset over a week of voluntary workouts...it's just an excuse for the media to stir sh*t and fans to get upset over nonsense.....I'm personally hysterical over Becton doing a few shuttle drills in Dallas instead of Florham Park.
  4. undertow


    less reporting, less policing, less prosecuting.
  5. I heard SF didn't want to give the 2nd back so they weren't really close.
  6. People are getting ahead of themselves these draft picks aren't gonna step on the field all pros there's going to be a learning curve and this year is still another development year....7 or 8 wins and being in every game is a good year.
  7. I like Saleh as a person but people are ignoring just how bad he was last year I'm still trying to figure out with the talent on the line why we were so horrendous vs the run.
  8. The reason these boards change in the last few weeks before the draft is because decision makers that matter start making their decisions anything before is just media opinions which turns into group think...George Karlaftis was never a top 10 pick and if he was in last years draft might have been a 3rd rounder.
  9. If you redraft in a year I bet the WRs will go in a completely different order I personally liked Burks ,Olave, and Williams more then Wilson but what do I know.
  10. Media and fans were higher on Karlaftis then the scouts and GMs this became evident a few weeks ago....to me he was always a end of the first guy....the edge class as a whole was overrated imo.
  11. I missed the gun thing...still pretty low on the list of things to worry about imo.
  12. This guy is everything wrong with the world....oh I'm sorry better not assume gender.
  13. He was arrested for driving without a license and weed I don't consider that serious.
  14. We are in dart throw territory now never go full retard and get upset about the 4th round.
  15. He will have some splash plays that make ESPN but will be invisible the other 99 percent of the time. And all the people getting triggered JD obviously takes character or personality into account which is probably why this dude was off the board.
  16. Who would have thought taking offensive weapons would be a plan that took 50 years to implement.
  17. Mayfield isn't good people have a problem getting over where they had him in the draft...it's like dudes who wanted the Jets to sign OJ Howard.
  18. I used to love the draft I found it relaxing to watch hours and hours of college kids highlights now Im just annoyed by the constant dipsh*ts on my TV screen.
  19. I'm still waiting to flip James Morgan for profit.
  20. The league has regained sanity and is taking 3rd round QBs in the 3rd round.
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