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  1. I'm not in the JD cult but the fact he used his draft capital to move up rather then being obsessed about "value" is winning me over. Next step is NOT trading back at 34 like some of you dopes want and using your 4ths, 5ths, and 6ths to move up into the 2nd and 3rd.
  2. I love the pick and trade up but the value chart was virtually even
  3. we wont trade down from 34. we have plenty of late round picks
  4. People need to get over the value nonsense...it doesn't trump picking the best player calm down. And they shouldnt trade back at 34 they should be trading up in the second and giving up 5th and 6ths.
  5. The Darnold hate around here is pathetic.
  6. Maybe Ill join the JD cult now. lol
  7. The trade down value crew is all upset we gave up 3rd rounders. lol
  8. Tribisky had a pop gun for a arm and not nearly the running ability....lazy comp.
  9. Makes zero sense to draft Horn in that spot should have moved down and got what they could. That felt like a Jet move.
  10. Bro bro draft a lit WR bro...thats how you win!
  11. Those shows are marketed towards the home at 10am crowd....there's a reason Jerry Springer has been on the air for 35 years.
  12. Is it racist that the 49ers took Trey Lance over Fields?
  13. Wilson looked pretty small in that suit. lol
  14. I haven't watched SNY in 5 years I'm just gonna guess there's 3 chicks, a effeminate dude, and a WFAN overnight guy covering the Jets.
  15. #2 Wilson #23 Creed Humphrey #34 Nick Bolton
  16. I disagree with a few things here firstly I think both Harris and Williams are both overrated and are products of their surroundings. Neither has elite speed or power think the value is later in the draft not early. Second I really like the TE group Freirmuth, Jordan, and Long are all guys on day two that can catch the ball I think it's a above average group. I agree with the rest tho.
  17. The new trend is blame everyone else when you fail to win a SB even if the team has put you in position for your whole career...same goes for Wilson. In two years people are gonna be clamoring for Jackson to demand a trade because Baltimore isn't supporting him properly.
  18. This is such a lazy ESPN type hot take....they have put a playoff roster around him for all of his career....going all in may have got him another SB but then they would have been a last place team for 5 years.
  19. What's wrong here is that you think we are drafting more then 2 players that will end up as above average starters in one draft. People get brainwashed every year it's fascinating .
  20. Rex Ryan approves.
  21. I'm hearing from my sources the Jets are trading the #3 draft pick to the Saints for #28, 5 other picks, QB Winston and will draft Kellen Mond with #28.
  22. If they could trade him they would unload him in a second. This is the equivalent of fans thinking they should have gotten draft picks for Bell.
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