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  1. Where's Jamal been haven't heard from him lately?
  2. After getting drafted in the first round these guys are gonna be able to afford a lot of purses.
  3. Yeah I have always thought the talent pool falls off dramatically after the 3rd round around 100 players you should really be relying on scouting more than taking dart throws....I like that philosophy after the third. When you start taking dart throws in the third you end up with Denzel Mims and James Morgan when there's top talent on the board.
  4. That's the way I felt also...I want a 20 sack guy also but don't really want another Adams on the team not only do I think it's bad for team building and chemistry it's also just annoying. lol I also think Edge was overvalued in this draft not a Karlaftis guy and JJ fell for some reason....Hutch, Thibs, and Walker also aren't Bosa or Garrett type prospects....we will see tho.
  5. I think the opposite the 2nd and 3rd I prefer identifying players and getting them not trading back and taking dart throws...I like that philosophy after the third when the draft is more of a crap shoot. I hope they trade up today and have 3 picks.
  6. People got all mad and triggered because Thibs was taking character hits but it certainly played a big part in him not being selected by the Jets...all you have to do is watch the individual interviews after the draft....not saying Thibs is a bad guy but he definitely gives me Jamal Adams vibes as do all the WRs who have demanded trades.
  7. One of the things that has really won me over is his willingness to move all around the board...initially I thought he was just a PFF stooge who just liked to trade down and collect picks....I like that he trusts his scouts and scouting and goes after guys they identify.
  8. JD had a terrible first year and deserved criticism but he has followed that up with two solid years in a row....some of us don't hero worship others and just call balls and strikes. The time has come now for the team to win games.
  9. I think fans were higher on Karlaftis, JJ, and Thibs then the league was I also think this group of WRs is better then was advertised people were just obsessed that there was no Jamarr Chase. Who knows we will see how it pans out.
  10. I'm generalizing but I mostly saw guys saying wait till the 2nd to go WR and take a edge like Thibs, Karlaftis, or JJ at 4 or 10....thankfully we didn't do that the value was actually the opposite.
  11. I think GMs saw this draft differently then the media and fans the edges like Thibs, JJ, and Karlaftis were overvalued as was this draft class and the WRs undervalued. GMs also care about character and chemistry which the media gets mad if you even talk about.
  12. If Lynch turned down the 10th pick for Deebo he's a clown....I think he did us a favor though Deebo is a guy I could see regressing.
  13. Jets hit a homerun tonight but these players still have to pan out....what scares me a little is the players the Jets picked are universally praised by fans and media which is usually a bad thing. lol I kinda liked Olave and Burks over Wilson but we will see.
  14. Bummed a couple of safeties went late was hoping one would drop to 38.
  15. I'll never understand the fans who cry about third round picks instead of being happy we got a top ten player....same thing happened last year when we traded up for AVT.....I think PFF has rotted brains.
  16. I mean how can you be mad getting the guy people wanted at 10?
  17. Looks like one of Will Smiths sons friends who bang Jada.
  18. Never understood the Karlaftis love....GMs had different evaluations than media and fans...edge as a whole has been overrated in this draft.
  19. People were advocating JJ or Karlaftis at 10 over WR and I never understood that.
  20. My minds not blown but the draft at least makes sense to me.....it was just a bad year to have 2 top ten picks honestly.
  21. I don't care about cap space I'm not a big fan of paying players who just demanded trades for whatever they were upset about this week...usually not a good sign or works out. Whats wrong with just building this team for another year?
  22. Thank God they didn't listen to the "wait until the second to take a WR" crowd we would have been left with Joey Bag O Donuts from Montana state.
  23. I love Burks I'm so scared we drafted the wrong receiver but what do I know. lol
  24. Blaming anything you don't like on Woody is lazy...zero chance he is picking these players
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