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  1. I love Burks I'm so scared we drafted the wrong receiver but what do I know. lol
  2. Blaming anything you don't like on Woody is lazy...zero chance he is picking these players
  3. Media and fans overrated some of these rushers I think and underrated the WR class.
  4. so edges falling and WRs rising the exact opposite of what I was told by media and fans.
  5. These trade ups are hella cheap no market for trading back
  6. This is why you couldn't wait till the second for a WR.
  7. I'm happy we took a WR at 10 but gotta admit I liked Olave, Burks, and Williams more then Wilson but I'm no scout.
  8. Ok I'm good with Sauce and Wilson two defensive player in top ten would have been typical Jets.
  9. Well I'm not a London fan so I'm glad he's gone now only have to avoid JJ
  10. I bet the Falcons take Williams and stash him....next year they would have Ridley, Williams, and Pitts.
  11. I bet Giants draft Thibs and Neal...that's a pretty good draft.
  12. If praying someone drafts Johnson before us if we come away with Sauce and Johnson as our two players in the top ten I'm done.
  13. I guess I'm fine with this pick if they take the best WR on the board at 10......if they go D again F this franchise.
  14. Yeah I'm sure it's a blast when you get there I just never thought about going even when I lived in NY....I guess I just never felt like there was a pay off like a game or concert.
  15. There's no such thing as a mom get with the program you racist.
  16. I mean you can like it if you want but the draft being treated like the Academy Awards is relatively new....I don't remember Calvin Pryor walking the red carpet on his way to being drafted.
  17. I have never thought about switching teams till I watched that.
  18. Only two and a half hour till I don't have to hear about the Jets drafting safeties and cornerbacks till next year.
  19. I have traveled the country to see games, concerts, and fights but I have never had the urge to attend the draft live doesn't really seem all that exciting to sit around and wait for players names to be called....I enjoy the draft but have never seen it as an excuse to party.
  20. It's amazing how Twitter and Youtube has turned dudes in their basements into credible sources and draft analysts.
  21. Most likely a bullsh*t article but I have no problem trading Becton for a mid to late 1 and drafting Neal or Ikwanu... I would even throw in Mims to sweeten the deal.
  22. Yeah I have a feeling Burks is gonna be the best receiver in the draft and we will be kicking ourselves that we passed because 10 is over drafting and 15 isn't....reminds me of Brown, Metcalf, Allen all falling because of "bad" combines.
  23. Who needs draft picks when we have the great Denzel Mims.
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