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  1. Jones isn't even that good you have just been brainwashed into thinking 150 yards a game is solid game managment so anything looks great. lol
  2. Because for these type of fans the goal is to set up Mike White to fail so Zippy can get back on the field asap. Ever since Wilson has been drafted for some the team has turned into the New York Zach Wilsons.
  3. I hope Romo reminds us how injured Allen is a few more hundred times
  4. Lions playing a little to aggressive shoud be running the ball and draing some clock.
  5. People were calling for his firing a month ago...things change quick.
  6. The Detriot Lions are for real - Tony Romo lol
  7. He can say whatever he wants as long as he can connect on 5 yard swing passes and doesn't sail balls 20 ft over guys heads.
  8. I miss the days of Tom Petty at half time. lol
  9. I'm old I have no idea who these people are coming up at half time. lol
  10. Bills are a good team but they aren't the dominant team they were cracked up to be.
  11. There's no dumber tradition than having the Lions play on Thanksgiving.
  12. Another option was trading back with Carolina to 9 there would have been a QB at that spot and you would have recieved a few top ten picks in return....I guess in the end it was all about how in love with WIlson you were....I personally didn't think he was a #2 overall pick in any draft.
  13. Everyone is looking for the next Mahomes so they are taking QBs like Wilson and Lance way too high and forcing them on the field way too soon. Wilson was always a high bust prospect which is why I wanted to move back and draft Fields...even if Fields busts at least you have the extra 1st rounders.
  14. If White plays well I bet they go another year with a White vs Wilson competition.
  15. Trade Zach Wilson for Jason Giambi
  16. All of the basement scouts who told me Zach was playing great 2 weeks ago now are saying White is bad QB like their terrible opinions mean something.
  17. Bro all MIke White needs to do is not turn over the ball
  18. Jets fan - Zach Wilson is winning games who cares what his numbers are Also Jets fan - Why isn't Mike White putting up 30 points he sucks.
  19. Who are these great plan Bs everyone is talking about? There's like 15 good QBs in the league....some of you have this bizarre hatred for Mike White he's about as good as your getting at back up when you have an annointed QB.
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