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  1. I don't understand why people are trying to play this gotcha game with Saleh about the QB...we all know Wilson needs to play no matter how well Joe Friggin Flacco is playing. lol
  2. The passion over Denzel Mims is hilarious it's like arguing over Chris Herdon. lol
  3. Mims played well today perfect time to get a 3rd or 4th instead of a 6th.
  4. I would have challenged 3rd down looked like it was a bad spot
  5. People need to stop worrying about how many yards players are gonna get and if they are WR1 or 4, they will rotate guys and everyone will get plenty of touches.
  6. Don't worry guys Mike White is going to tear up the G-Men.
  7. I was wondering if that was just my stream ....honestly hope it stays this way. lol
  8. People pick and choose what they want to virtue signal over....all of a sudden everyone's an expert on the Matt Arieza rape case.
  9. It definitely isn't Adams was a good NFL football player
  10. Boomer thought Gase was a good coach until 2 weeks before he was fired.
  11. JD has had a few good years but I'm definitely not in the cult yet and it's statistically impossible for every draft pick this year to be an all pro like people seem to expect.
  12. The Denzel Mims truthers are the most embarrassing set of fans in my 30 years of rooting for this team.
  13. Well at least it's not a let's bring Rex Ryan back thread.
  14. Whiny Jet fan has become an annoying talk radio schtick that's been overplayed. And why do only Jets fans make other Jets fans mascots?
  15. If I can sink this Whopper wrapper from my couch into the garbage can that means we make the Super Bowl.
  16. Joe " at least I'm not James Morgan" Flacco
  17. Great news I'm so happy for Klecko!!!!! Pencil neck geeks shouldn't be voting on anything concerning football tho.
  18. Last pre-season the same people were arguing about how a back up QB is overrated and we don't need one now Joe Flacco is God.
  19. I bet Denzel Mims likes gummy bears.
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