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  1. I think this was the most interesting point. Zach was thrown into the wolves. He knows what he's dealing with and what he will deal with, while some QBs are surprised by year 2 and 3 and that's why they regress. Hopefully this strategy has him ready this year.
  2. Damn is cursing? He just reminds me of Kelso when he says that
  3. As much as I love our draft and I wouldn't do it over again, obviously, I miss all the buzz, news, rumors and sh*t before it. Other than fat Zach Wilson and our new players practicing, is there anything interesting at this point of the offseason?
  4. How long did the symptoms last? Dealing with it right now (day 4) feel better @Warfish
  5. Weren't you the guy that wanted to draft Sam Howell a year ago? Under your banned account?
  6. 11 minutes geeeeezuhs Anyone got cliff notes
  7. You root for a football team. Everything is silly.
  8. I know what you mean, but he was still really good for a TE. He's gonna be a beast this year, trust.
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