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  1. Don't fall for the golden calf. Moses is still the way to go!
  2. I don't know if the rookies are going to pan out, but when's the last time we had young skill position players topping any list?
  3. 63.1 Completion % 3,825 Passing Yards 25 Passing TDs 17 Interceptions 425 Rushing Yards 3 Rushing TDs
  4. I think what separates him from most of the other elite cover corners is that he shadowed the team's best receiver. There are some great corners who stuck to one side of the field so QBs just threw to the other side. With Revis, he didn't take a side out, but he took the best receiver on the team out. Forcing the QB to throw to everyone but their best receiver is impressive. Another factor are the rule changes. He played in an era where it's tougher to cover WRs because of all the rule changes. I don't disagree that if QBs took more shots, maybe he's not as dominant as he seemed, b
  5. @T0mShane wishes he was her
  6. Love this thread. The trolls get so sensitive when you call them out on their bullsh*t. “WHY DIS THREAD THO” **** outta here. You know why this thread though.
  7. When I opened this thread I didn't know what RB to expect!
  8. Mental breakdown already, and it's not even June
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