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  1. These are just facts. Nothing dumb about that
  2. What is ridiculous about comparing two guys playing the same team?
  3. I didn't pick one game here or there. He mentioned the Titans. He picked the game. And we're comparing one guy who was throwing to Hollywood Brown and another to JaMarr Chase and Tee Higgins
  4. That's one more than Aaron Rodgers had last year.
  5. Against the Titans, Lamar threw for 179 yards on 70% completion and ran for another 136 with a rushing TD. His team won 20-13. My point is the Titans are a tough playoff out and Burrow didn't throw TDs on them either.
  6. They are trading two picks, whether he plays one year or not, but if he retires, they get a pick back. If he comes back the 2nd year, they don't get a pick back. So in essence, they wouldn't be trading 2 picks for no picks if he's a one year rental.
  7. They'd only not get one back if he plays a 2nd year (so it wouldn't be a one year rental)
  8. How many points did Joe Burrow put up against the Titans in the playoffs? Lamar throw for 240 yards per game the year before this past season. He hasn't declined every year. As far as his rushing goes, he'd been at 67 yards a game to 63.9 to 63.7. Not a dramatic decline
  9. If he's a year one rental, it'd really be just a 2nd rounder
  10. If Rodgers retires, and we suck again, there's no way I'd be giving up a top half pick in 2024. The more I think about it, the more I think it's too much. 2nd rounder + conditional 4th rounder next year (if he retires, they send us a 4th in 2025)
  11. Another part that stuck out to me (off topic) was Douglas going “that’s not confirmed,” regarding Calais Campbell, then talking about him visiting. I wonder if we’re getting Campbell too
  12. Those receivers aren't very good except for Brown, who averaged basically the same number of catches and yards per game with the Cardinals.
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