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  1. But wouldn't they want the Jets to fall in love with Fields because they also love Wilson?
  2. We'll be fine. Remember that player who wanted to play for the 49ers and ended up playing for a team in green? Goes by the name of AARON RODGERS?!
  3. If we feel confident that an OL we like will fall to us at 34 (which is likely), then I'm all for it.
  4. This was probably when he was high on adderall. Doesn't count.
  5. Which part? It’s a multi-leveled take.
  6. I think we’re in a great position to land a promising young quarterback. And while it seems like that guy is going to be Zach Wilson, I’d be fine with Justin Fields as well. That being said, it’s possible he drops outside the top 5 if we don’t take him, and maybe even out of the top 10. What’s the reason? Why are teams passing up on him? What aren’t they seeing or what are they seeing that could be some red flags? I don’t want to make this an emotional thread in which people want to defend their guy, but speaking as someone who likes the way Fields plays, making big throws and standing to
  7. I think him saying he hasn’t talked to them more than anyone else reveals that he’s talked to them more than anyone else.
  8. The Jags gave Zach Wilson their search history
  9. You made two different replies for this? Anyway, where is he causing friction. He just says he disagrees.
  10. Yeah if Justin or Zach said that. Man, just realized the first five QBs have the names to make up a sick boy band. Justin, Zach, Trevor, Trey and Mac
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