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  1. Well, if Mike White is playing, I’m drafting Breece Hall and Michael Carter with my first two picks
  2. You responded to a post talking about the 1s, sparky.
  3. Let’s risk our franchise QB to find out what we have at RT
  4. Compared to the rest of the league, yes unless everyone has a birthday in July
  5. Who the hell could be mad at this? You have to be a bonafide incel who needs to get out more to be salty about this lol. Even Twitter is hyped about Zach over this. Let’s lighten up, jeez!
  6. Well it's better than the alternative. "It's worth mentioning that Flacco told him to **** off."
  7. Love it. Fat guys only on the line.
  8. I mean, you're either a mercenary or you're not
  9. Newsflash: All players are mercenaries.
  10. Maybe, but that's the story for like half the great players in our franchise's history.
  11. He was a top 5 player in our franchise's history. That's how I judge it. You can scrutinize or obsess over every detail like a scorned girlfriend, but the facts are, he was elite and a great Jet. Everything else is just childish bullsh*t. Grow up.
  12. You gotta let that sh*t go. For the sport he plays, it's tough to begrudge him for it. How could he not be a great Jet because he tried to maximize his potential earnings? That's insane, and it's part of why I say grow up. It's childish and petty. It's taking away human agency and turning him into some type of play toy for your own amusement. He did nothing wrong. He didn't do anything criminal. You can't separate the sport from reality and the reality is most players don't have long careers. Getting mad at him for understanding that is absurd.
  13. Doesn't matter what you think. How many were 4 time all pro? We can argue about what you think is a better type of career, but you can't argue that he was elite for a longer time than most CBs.
  14. He's a professional football player who did what he had to do to get paid the most amount of money. You root for a football team, and you're butthurt that he wasn't a loyal soldier (for that football team) who you'd quickly discard if he tore his ACL early in his career. Grow up.
  15. How many great DBs in the last 30 years had 4 All-Pro seasons? He was good/great/elite for a decade.
  16. It's an unforgiving sport, and that torn ACL is exactly why he held out. Some of ya'll act like these players are your play toys, and should take paycuts, and act like a good soldier. But as soon as they get hurt, or have a bad season, you're quick to discard them like they're trash. Revis did what he had to do, and I appreciate him for the elite level of play he bought to this team. He's a once in a generation type of player. He doesn't owe us anything else. I'm glad he's back and repping the Jets. Tf is wrong with some of ya'll, acting like we have had HOFers up the ass in the last 30 years. We can't get picky with who we "accept" lol
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