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  1. Ehhh think like the difference between Marino and like…John Elway or Brady and Mahomes.
  2. He’s not a running QB but he likes to move and scramble a little. He can improvise more out of the pocket, which is what he likes to do. I hope he learns to stay in the pocket a bit better for his longevity
  3. If there’s one game I’d want to see Flacco start, it’s against the Ravens
  4. He’s like a Saiyan. Every time he gets beat down and loses, he gets stronger.
  5. Well, if Mike White is playing, I’m drafting Breece Hall and Michael Carter with my first two picks
  6. You responded to a post talking about the 1s, sparky.
  7. Let’s risk our franchise QB to find out what we have at RT
  8. Compared to the rest of the league, yes unless everyone has a birthday in July
  9. Who the hell could be mad at this? You have to be a bonafide incel who needs to get out more to be salty about this lol. Even Twitter is hyped about Zach over this. Let’s lighten up, jeez!
  10. Well it's better than the alternative. "It's worth mentioning that Flacco told him to **** off."
  11. Love it. Fat guys only on the line.
  12. I mean, you're either a mercenary or you're not
  13. Newsflash: All players are mercenaries.
  14. Maybe, but that's the story for like half the great players in our franchise's history.
  15. He was a top 5 player in our franchise's history. That's how I judge it. You can scrutinize or obsess over every detail like a scorned girlfriend, but the facts are, he was elite and a great Jet. Everything else is just childish bullsh*t. Grow up.
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