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  1. No one is mad, crying or emotional. Once again, I'm allowed to respond to something I watched. If I can talk about whatever I want, why the **** are up on my ass?
  2. No. You created a strawman saying that for some people, the line needed to have 5 guys making 20 mill and/or 1st rounders. Right now they have 2 first rounders, suddenly you're counting free agents (3 of them). Nothing to indicate they're always gonna use 1st rounders on lineman. If they drafted Ekwonu, they would've traded Becton.
  3. How do 2 first rounders (that the Jets drafted, since you don't want to include guys developed by other teams, even though George Fant was developed here) translate to everyone being a 1st rounder? Your complaint is a non-complaint.
  4. George Fant? Connor McGovern? Name all the projected starters on the Jets' OL that fit the mold you described
  5. No, everyone OL has to be a 5th round diamond in the rough who takes 5 years to develop
  6. No one is talking about draft grades. We are talking about what he said. Maybe you haven’t seen the video either? I can comment on that if I ******* feel like it. You don’t have to tell me I don’t have to agree. Instead, you can just mind your business if you’re not going to have a convo about it. Some people here think they’re the conversation police or some sh*t.
  7. I can criticize him for his awful take and misunderstanding of the process. Are you his ******* wife? He’s wrong. The Jets traded up for better players and still came away with 7 players. They should not have drafted Malik Willis in the second round and I rather draft a player who will play than a DE that won’t see the field. Do I have to agree with him?
  8. These dudes are the outliers at PFF. Mostly everyone else at PFF say the Jets had a good draft. They’re misunderstanding the process. Trading down is not the only thing that matters in the process. And in fact, if you watch the video, you’d see that he also had issue with who they picked. So more than just process. Anyway, like I said, they’re outliers. https://www.pff.com/news/draft-2022-nfl-draft-grades#NYJ
  9. But, extra picks part provides more context. The Jets still made 10 picks in 2021 and 7 more picks this year. They’re not trading up and losing players in the process. This year they consolidated and made their picks in the top half of the draft. If they were trading up and coming away from the draft with like 4 players, I’d see that argument.
  10. Ian Hartitz is cool. Think this is the only tweet he's had on this, other than fantasy related stuff:
  11. Because we got a pick back. Someone posted the value chart a few pages ago. If he's really good next year, his next deal won't come for a while anyway. Not many of them can play tackle well, too. If you don't have a major issue with it, you're just being difficult for no reason. Just cause you said it at the time, doesn't mean you have to die on this hill. If he's difficult to sign a second contract, we can replace him. In the meantime, we have 5 cheaper years with him than an old ass out of prime Scherff.
  12. And let the record show, when a team got to gameplan for Mike White for real, he almost threw 7 picks against the Bills. #justsaying
  13. AVG has a few things going for him that those free agent available guards don't (and added context, we tried signing a few last year, and they all went for big money) 1. Young 2. Doesn't cost a lot 3. Plays multiple positions. The total value lost was around a 4th round pick. I think it's worth it.
  14. A stupid sentence with an even dumber video clip. When analytics are misused.
  15. I disagree. These trades don't happen in a vacuum. There's too much context that's missing in this analysis. And he's also being intentionally vague about what the value of the pick really was (wasn't 5-10, more like 10-13). Agree to disagree.
  16. Damn, was getting used to 2 1st round picks.
  17. How does he compare to Daniel Faalele? I need to know if I should agonize over this.
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