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  1. 9 hours ago, 65 Toss Power Trap said:

    - Interesting take on Zach being expected to do more "advanced stuff" than the other rookie QBs. If the JETS play book is more intricate, ZW will have a better take on it this year and an even easier time with the advanced stuff. 

    I think this was the most interesting point. Zach was thrown into the wolves. He knows what he's dealing with and what he will deal with, while some QBs are surprised by year 2 and 3 and that's why they regress. Hopefully this strategy has him ready this year.

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  2. As much as I love our draft and I wouldn't do it over again, obviously, I miss all the buzz, news, rumors and sh*t before it. Other than fat Zach Wilson and our new players practicing, is there anything interesting at this point of the offseason?

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  3. 41 minutes ago, #27TheDominator said:

    If these other tams had these guys so highly rated, why didn't they pick them? 

    We hear a bunch of squawking that the Bills were ready to pick Hall in the first, but they traded up for Elam ahead of Hall and Johnson.  Obviously they had Elam rated higher, no?  Would Jets fans be peacocking around if we'd picked Elam? 

    Yes, we would. I'll peacock all day

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  4. 1 hour ago, Nixhead said:

    I just remembered that Vera Tucker can play tackle - so If Becton stubs his big toe Vera Tucker can move to Rt Tackle and Herbig gets plugged into guard. Not the best scenario but I've seen a lot worse with this team.

    I feel we're like one tackle away from being set for real realz

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  5. We should use Becton as a super sub in the 3rd quarter. Teams get used to who they're blocking then a 400 pound giant comes in to finish the job. It would be like when one RB wears out a defense and the next one finishes them off. No this isn't serious. But think about it, though

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  6. 17 minutes ago, slats said:

    Ooh, you edited after I reacted to this. 
    I don’t think Ekwonu would’ve been the pick, but I also don’t care all that much because that’s talking hypothetically and I’m happier with reality at the moment. But as I said repeatedly before the draft, taking an OL at #4 does not improve the team this year. If anything, it probably weakens the team as he gets up to speed in their zone system. Meanwhile Sauce and Hall are the new #1 players at their respective positions from day one and each single-handedly transforms their group in a positive way. Wilson, JJ, and Ruckert all have home run potential, too. These are all guys drafted to be difference making play makers. An OL up top just doesn’t fit with the plan they actually did execute. 

    I don't disagree. But I also think that Ekwonu is a guy that they looked at that can become a really good player, and if you got something for Becton, it wouldn't be the worse move in the world to upgrade that position (upgrade in terms of Becton not playing much last year).

    I'm thrilled with the direction they went, and I'm looking forward to Becton coming on strong.

  7. I'm with you for the most part, but you're the rube if you think Ickey wasn't the second choice at 4.

    And that's another thing. I love this draft. I don't give a sh*t about agendas and who they were supposed to pick or what position or this or that. Some of ya'll think the world revolves around your opinion and being right. I don't give a sh*t if I was wrong cause they made some great choices. 

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