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  1. A stupid sentence with an even dumber video clip. When analytics are misused.
  2. I disagree. These trades don't happen in a vacuum. There's too much context that's missing in this analysis. And he's also being intentionally vague about what the value of the pick really was (wasn't 5-10, more like 10-13). Agree to disagree.
  3. Damn, was getting used to 2 1st round picks.
  4. How does he compare to Daniel Faalele? I need to know if I should agonize over this.
  5. I know, man but I’m saying that teams think about this. If the Vikings are that cognizant about it with a WR imagine how teams may think with a RB.
  6. Good point. The Vikings wouldn’t trade with the Packers in the 1st round because they didn’t want Christian Watson to have a 5th year option. So they made the trade in the second.
  7. don’t care if he’s lying. I hope he says more sh*t like that. ”If the Titans took Hall, would’ve taken Ruckert.”
  8. What about when it’s a weak draft in the later rounds, and we come away with 5 solid players in three rounds anyway? I don’t think the players in the 5th round are going to be any better than UDFAs.
  9. Breece Hall is a better prospect than Carter was. It would be like picking Javonte Williams in 2nd.
  10. Feel like the Bucs were gonna take JJIII too, after trading out when we took him and then taking Logan Hall in the second
  11. This offense is gonna be exciting. Improving the offense is important because it’s gonna show us whether or not Zach is the guy. Then if he is, we do what we need to do on defense, which isn’t half bad right now due to the secondary.
  12. By the time this draft is over, we’re all gonna be posting like @Joe W. Namath
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