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  1. Then they draft London (if they haven't already traded for Deebo).
  2. I guarantee you 100% the Jets will not give up Moore. They're not going to tango. Not because he's the best player ever, but because it makes no sense for them to do so in this type of situation.
  3. It's not about Elijah Moore being great. It's a nonsensical proposal that's 100% bullsh*t. That type of trade never happens in the NFL. Teams don't just look at sh*t in a vacuum. "Drrr is Deebo better than Elijah..drrr." Doesn't work that way.
  4. Ickey or Sauce at 4 makes sense because at least one of London, Wilson, Jameson, Johnson or Thibs will be available at 10. We don't need to reach for the 3rd best DE or have to choose between the three receivers. Take the best player at their position (a premium position) and start off strong. Although I think we're trading 10 for Deebo anyway.
  5. There's no precedent for this. Teams don't trade young prospects for star players who are going to get paid.
  6. Sounds good. I’ll hit up Joe Douglas
  7. Jets win the Super Bowl @T0mShane: “Nice win I guess but the awful halftime show is all everyone will ever remember.”
  8. I literally said what does Mims have to do with it when we can mention Moore. Then you say what does Moore have to do with it when we can mention Mims. Don’t jump into mid convos.
  9. You’re talking about two separate issues. The picks for Sam Darnold is a strong haul. Anything after that is a separate conversation. plus, didn’t they get Moore with a second rounder?
  10. I disagree. Everyone knew Sam sucked. They robbed the Panthers.
  11. If Carolina picking up his option was astounding, how was getting 2 2nd rounders for him not a heist?
  12. You think it was easy to trade Darnold and get what he got? That sh*t should’ve gotten the Nobel.
  13. Hmm. Maybe it is about money. And a disrespectful opening offer.
  14. I hope they continue to get crazier with the sh*t they make up and throw out there. "Didn't want to be the one to say it, but I think Charles Cross is a vampire. I saw no reflection in the combine restroom mirror while he was washing his hands."
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