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  1. 44 minutes ago, football guy said:

    I trust that it would be Gardner at 4 yes. 

    At 10 it would depend who is there. If Jermaine Johnson is I would say they would probably lean into that. If he’s gone, then I think it would be one of those receivers or Thibodeaux. I think Thibodeaux won’t go #4 no matter what but I wouldn’t rule him out at #10. 

    Is it Gardner or Ickey if neither are in the top 3?

  2. Just now, football guy said:

    A few things to point out if the Jets do select Ekwonu 4th overall tomorrow night… 

    1. Teams are more willing than ever to cut bait on former 1st round picks sooner rather than later. 
    2. Jets have negotiated with Fant, but they’re not locked into anything. They can absolutely go into camp with a Fant vs. Becton competition before determining who they seek to build around going forward. 
    3. If they do select Ekwonu, it gives them a lot of negotiating leverage with Fant if they do intent to extend him and trade Becton. 
    4. Becton is still too young and too talented to not net a significant return. My guess is they would be able to get a future 2nd and 4th round pick at minimum. 

    Anything on Hutch? Would they take him?

  3. Just now, Matt39 said:

    Nothing is nonsensical if there’s two teams willing to tango. Moore was always going to get asked about because he’s basically the only tradeable asset who’s a player on the roster. 

    I guarantee you 100% the Jets will not give up Moore. They're not going to tango. Not because he's the best player ever, but because it makes no sense for them to do so in this type of situation.

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  4. 3 minutes ago, Matt39 said:

    Not that I think it’s a good deal but Jets fans turning Elijah Moore into Jerry Rice is typical. Moore looks promising but he missed a lot of time last year with fairly minor injuries. 

    It's not about Elijah Moore being great. It's a nonsensical proposal that's 100% bullsh*t. That type of trade never happens in the NFL. 

    Teams don't just look at sh*t in a vacuum. "Drrr is Deebo better than Elijah..drrr." Doesn't work that way.

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  5. 4 minutes ago, T0mShane said:

    Is anyone just a wee bit concerned that the Jets are about to trade for a player who became grievously disgruntled playing on a Super Bowl contender in a system that was tailor-made specifically to take advantage of his talents?

    Don’t start 

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