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  1. You could argue that wr and ol will not be a need in the first two rounds next year. Edge, TE, LB and DB would be my top 4 picks right now for 2022
  2. Yep. I think they will put a big premium in d linemen. Bosa was a key component of that d. Even with Lawson, would t be surprised to find a premier edge guy on the opposite side in next years first round. Both lines will be at a premium.
  3. I find the pessimism on mims and bechton fascinating and very strange actually
  4. So this move clearly accomplishes one thing: improved quality depth on the o line. Big plus there. what is the most likely scenario: - Fant becomes back up swing tackle abs Moses starts at RT? - moses becomes the swing back up? -moses moves to rg and Fant stays at RT? any of the 3 scenarios, we are a better team but just curious what the most likely is.
  5. This is exactly right. They brought in a certain number of guys abs will see who rises to the top. Smart strategy
  6. I don’t think we will keep 10-11 DLs and only 7 Dbs. I would think 9 DLs and 9 DBS make more sense. Dbs are much more likely to play special teams so I think at least 9, which likely means 5 cbs and I’m not sure that includes Michael carter 2, as he is more of a swing guy. As for Dunn, I think there is such a fine line bw a top udfa and a 5th -7th round pick. I don’t think our draft picks Dbs have any leg up like a day 1 or 2 pick would. I think all the draftees and Dunn make the team.
  7. Fair point. I tend to lump all thebjwts media by the shortcoming of a few mainly Camino abs obviously Manish for several years.
  8. Yes they did write about Anderson actually. When he was doing well, cimini posted his stats regularly
  9. So if/when he signs for less than the Jets offered him, is the NY media Choi g to report him and call him out as the buffoon he really is?
  10. What’s even funnier or more pathetic actually is out media wil not cover this. They will not point out that dam was atrocious in his first camp with us and that Zach looks 10x better. This hard hitting MY media that takes pride in calling it like it is will conveniently not point this out. Now if it was the other way. We’d be hearing about it as nauseum.
  11. This is why it was a stupid question by me. Thanks for the summary; very helpful
  12. This may be a dumb question but if a team is under the cap by a decent amount, doesn’t it make sense to accelerate the pay of certain guys so that we will have more capnroom in the future? Why would we want to stay $10 MM under the cap ina particular year? Wouldnt it be wiser to give more money this year to a q Williams or m bechton so they can count less on the cap in future years allowing us more flexibility?
  13. I saw cimini tweeted that they are investigating the escort and the post story may not be true. I truly think this is an example why NY sports suck so bad: the media. How in the world can you be successful when this media nonsense is around you daily? Sure, it’s easy to say tune out the media but the NY media has to be the biggest joke I’ve ever seen. And they take pride in being a joke.
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