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  1. To the earlier post, offer a team friendly deal and let him walk of he doesn’t want it. As much as I respect his professionalism. He doesn’t seem to want to be here abs doesn’t have the fire, alpha, or true play making track record to warrant a big pay out. The money can be spent much more effectively elsewhere. I’d rather pay crowder to stay than maye.
  2. Agree but also makes me wonder why some teams give up on guys so quickly. He was named starter as a rookie just 2 years ago , got hurt and than last year, which was a cluster he got hirt really early. Is that enough to give up on a 3rd round pick?
  3. Good point. I mean I don’t think it’s mature to be as much of a clown as Adam’s so he’d probably be more low key anyway but still, you may be onfi something g
  4. Been meaning to start a thread but guess can post here. As professional as he has been with regards to his contract and this team (and i respect that) I think it’s time to move on. He doesn’t seem to want to be here and goes through the motions. No reason to pay $$ to this guy at all.
  5. I think there are some encouraging signs for the fire but we really are a glorified expansion team at this point. Way to young and unproven . This is a 2 year fix before we get competitive in my opinion.
  6. I can’t believe 4th versus 6th os even being debated.
  7. I hear JD has scheduled a press conference at noon to address the absolute disastrous decision he made in the 4th round.
  8. He’s moving the goal posts. Now he’s saying oh well thebjets still won’t win more than 6 or 7 games. He’s says don’t buy the hype bc we lost our edge rusher and lb for 6 weeks. buy the Umm ok, if the Jets go 7-10, that leant mean Wilson isn’t the guy.
  9. As I came to grips with Lawson, and now this news, part of me thinks this isn’t worst thing in world for where thebjets are. I don’t think we will compete for any deep playoff run. These injuries are killers in seasons like that ie vinny in 99. To an earlier point, these injures will allow backups and young guys to gain valuable experience and be meaningful parts of a true competitive team next year and beyond. The only position I wiill be concerned about long term for this franchise is o line bc I don’t want Wilson on his back too much. But giving some younger lbs more time will pay div
  10. I begto differ. This thread should have meant we were all set with injuries bc we have had enough. I mentioned how uncanny it was that so many top guys are dealing with stiff, you’d think some lesser guys would be the ones getting hurt. No not the case. Why? Bc it’s the f in Jets
  11. Seriously the luck with this franchise is unreal. As bad as gase was, he was also ravaged woth bad luck here. I mean on top of all the high draft picks dealing with crap, even if it’s not major, Now you can throw in the top free agent signing too
  12. I realize most of the injuries aren’t major but is it incredibly bad luck that 2 of top 3 picks this year, all top 3 picks last year and the top pick the prior year have all been dealing with injury issues? Pretty unreal if you think about it
  13. so yes Myers signed with Seattle 3 months before JD was hired so not his fault we have not retained a solid kicker. It will be Interstibg to see how JD does negotiate when he wants to retain a productive player that is one of his guys. If one of these kickers signs a one year contract and has a really good year , is Douglas going to let him walk bc he doesn’t want to pay a kicker more than x? I don’t blame JD for letting several of these recent Jets walk. They were part of losing cultures and he wants all that eradicated. I don’t mind him not breaking the bank for good no
  14. You could argue that wr and ol will not be a need in the first two rounds next year. Edge, TE, LB and DB would be my top 4 picks right now for 2022
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