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  1. For the inexcusable and totally absurd implications and accusations in early 2021 that the organization and owner were racist? Just because they didn’t want to sign Watson long term? Bc Watson came out and said he wanted to move on but didn’t give a reason? What a farce!!!! Hey let’s throw a racist claim out there until it’s disproven and than move on to the next innocent victim. Stephen A you are clown and should apologize immediately!!! You are way more damage than you can possibly imagine.
  2. This is a very fair argument. BUT the reaction of the team to Wilson and how they rallied around white really was telling. The locker room was in a very fragile spot it seemed, especially the offense. It’s why the benching became a point of no return
  3. I’m in the Namath/Satan trade. Would love for goodell to announce it. There has been a trade. Satan trades perpetual sucking and Rich Cimini to the Jets for the soul of Joe Namath.
  4. Did saleh make the wrong move going to Mike white? Was it a point of no return? Was it when white got Injured? Was it the Detroit 4th down? The jax fiasco? part of me thinks all realistic hopes for this team ended in Denver; we just didn’t know it. Hard to lose our two best offensive players. That really was devastating
  5. Not sure he’s stubborn. I think he has fits to bench Wilson twice . agree with most of your analysis. I think a few of those o line pieces can be kept but we need to being a couple of bodies in. Davis needs to be cut. Overall need more quickness at LB
  6. This season ended when hall and avt went down. The line is a disaster and when you have a qb this limited, it’s almost impossible to win. Saleh knows the team hates Wilson. The team didn’t want to play for Wilson. Wilson is done here
  7. Are you not allowed to make a draft mistake?
  8. I’ve seen some bad games. This is downright torture. The announcers are amazingly making this even worse
  9. Michael’s is so smug and condescending to the jets. Herbstriet is a middle America bozo
  10. he is done here. He knows it. He’s playing like it. Season is over.
  11. Sometimes I really do wonder as part of the deal Namath made with Satan, somehow we were sent Cimini as part of the package from the depths of hell.
  12. I get the primary question being asked is if white was drafted earlier, would this debate even remotely be a question. And I tend to agree bc where you are drafted is really only a best guess determination of productivity and actually productivity is what’s important. BUT….. Maybe a good question to ask would Mike white be this productive in 2019 ie after one and a half years? My guesss is no. Has he benefitted from watching the game from the sideline for multiple years? Why are we rushing qbs into the fire? Wouldn’t it benefit your key asset to watch and learn? Why is that imperative to squeeze 5 years production out of a prized asset when the risk of ruining that asset long term is much higher? Why not get 3 years and but have a higher chance of success long term? i really think teams have to question putting young qbs in the fire so quickly.
  13. This is where we get in trouble though. I get that the nfl is a week to week league. But NY with this media and fan base take it to such a ridiculous level. If you really think about the fact that a second year 23 year old is 5-2 and we yanked him and now are judging white week to week, it’s pretty absurd. So if white plays poorly against the Bills, is it conformed he’s not the future?
  14. What’s fascinating is how many people gave up on him after one bad performance against the #1 d. I believe 3 of his picks weee when we were down big. This fan base is something
  15. I tend to agree. A lot of people point to the fact that white as qb would mean egg in the face if this regime. To me that’s nonsense no matter the situation but especially with the fact that the jets have hit on so many draft picks and signings the last few years. So what if we missed on a qb. If you have an answer that is already in the roster, you move forward with that
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