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  1. Yeah but it’s only one practice. I think it’s a blessing this happened so early. We will have time to fill this position, which is not as premium as LT l, and get whoever wins or time to acclimate. In some ways this is a relief just to move in from all the becton fan and media nonsense
  2. Yeah it’s kind of funny how tragic the media is making this out to be when they nitpicked every single missed block or in ciminis case, times he breathed heavier than usual. Bit now that he’s out, we lost the next coming of Anthony Munoz
  3. Our best team in the last 50 years plugged in a rookie 4th rounder at RT so it’s not unheard of. As difficult as this news development is, the fact that it’s RT is manageable. Hope Mitchell is a player
  4. I live in cincy and people are talking about how great burrow has looked even though he had an appendectomy. Seriously though even in non Burrow years, they have leaned on the side of positivity and certainly not been this biased.
  5. The NY media really needs to be called out for the nonsense. I get that they like/need clicks but the shade and panic that they throw when Zack goes for 4-8 and the ho-hum “he had a solid day” descriptions when he goes 8-8 is at best laughable but can honestly be called pathetic journalism. I feel cimini is making Flacco look like the second coming on Montana with his tweet updates bit on some other great catches, there is no mention of Wilson throwing. It’s pretty absurd if you ask me.
  6. I actually think mike is right about sensing immaturity in the old school sense but I don’t think that is a bad thing. In this day and age in all businesses, things you would deem as immature at one time can still be very successful. To me jokingly screaming sauce can be seen as a bit immature by the old board but that kind of thing is accepted now and again mutually exclusive ion whether you can be successfull.
  7. I have a situation like this. My first cousin was born in 1945 and I was born in 1973. My dads older sister was 6 years older and had her son at 22. My dad had me at 44. Hence the 28 year age gap. Helped my mom was 10 years younger than my dad.
  8. Shouldn’t. Mike white be the #2? Why not go after Folesnnow that all he’s released
  9. He never really played healthy after the first drive against Indy.
  10. Why was he not in camp or the roster to start last season when he probably would have been very useful. Did we ever get an answer to that?
  11. Does our scheme use a fullback? If so, who is that exactly. I think the decision at RB outside Of the top 2 will be interesting.
  12. The way I break down the roster; 3 specialists leaves 25 on O and 25 on D. On O I see 3 qb, 5 rb , 3 TE, 5 wr 9 OL. Could see one extra wr ans one less rb On D I see 11 DLs, 5 LBs and 9 DBs. That’s a lot of dls but a couple are quasi LBs.
  13. Really amazing how offense was neglected for an entire decade. What was the last offensive first rounder prior to Darnold? Sanchez?
  14. I agree with others in that until we prove otherwise, yea we are. The good news it’s a week to week league as far as perceptions so we can turn the cards around pretty quickly. I recall the bengals coming into met life abs October and they were already viewed as some great team. Preseason they were picked last in the north and were in a similar boat to where we are. They ended up going 7-1 in the division. I’m not saying we need that kind of season but we cannot continue to get swept by NE or Miami. That is just unacceptable. We should be able to go 3-3 in the division.
  15. I think we will line up 5of our DLs at times
  16. When you look at the roster, it really makes sense that Douglas used some picks as currency to move abs get playmakers. We don’t need bodies anymore. Our depth is the best it’s ever been. what will be intersecting is there will be some unexpected guys that don’t make the final 53 bc we just have created too much depth. That’s a good thing. d line is an example; are we going to keep 11? If not there may some surprising cuts. No more room for DBs either. I guess OL can use a potential depth body abs LB maybe but I think they are high on the two guys they drafted last year.
  17. Pretty amazing to think they got 4 starters in this draft. In free agency they probably got another 4. If you include bechton and Lawson coming back, that’s 10 new starters and most of the guys they are replacing provide some real quality depth. We actually have a legit formidable roster
  18. That was my point of the 2 lbs they are high on. If you also include Quincy Williams abs the fact they are often only lining up 2 lbs, not sure I would have used a pick this early on LB.
  19. These were all positions that I think people maybe preferred at 36. But in my opinion there are reasons we didn’t go this way; LB- we often only line up 2 lbs in our scheme and we have2 guys we drafted last year that we weee high on In addition to Q and CJ. Not really needed S - with adding 2 cbs, Michael carter moves to S. We also added whitehead. Therefore we have added 2 S already this off season essentially ol - this is the one position I would have been ok with just to have a swing T on the bench as a hedge. But I think we can fill this in round 3. A need in this draft but not a high need. I actually think our rb room was the weakest room on the team. Most teams should have two good backs and we had one. Now all of a sudden it’s a deep and talented position for us. Douglas has made almost every Position deeper and more talented
  20. This thread and our cb situation is an example of the transition from a bottom feeder to a competitive team. A weak team has guys like Hall as our #1 cb. A good team has a guy like him as our 3rd or 4th guy abs part of the rotation. We have done this or are doing this at many positions. we have gone through a decade woth guys off the street filling positions. JD has done a masterful job building talent and depth over the last two years and we actually look like we have a legit roster right now.
  21. This is exactly right. The good news we are actually getting productive pieces versus guys off the street which we seemed to do a lot of the last 5 or 6 years. many of these moves will not stop us from drafting these same positions in April and at that point, we should have the best depth we have had in a decade.
  22. So we are probably picking a we are 10 to start opposite davis with Moore in the slot, correct? What skill set so we do we need based on our current room? Big target possession guy that catches a lot of balls or speedier precision route runner that can also be a deep threat?
  23. This would be a great signing. He fits the saleh template for smaller faster LBs, he is very productive and has been his whole career and he knows our staff. Jack signed a larger contract 4 years ago and has a big number. This is a case of new coach, fresh approach and getting rid of a big cap number. It’s not a red flag. He is a good football player. We should not fall into trap of not getting guys bc they were in bad teams. I assure Jax was not so bad because of Jack. He was a very productive member of the good jax teams a few years ago and like o said, got a new contract with a large cap number this year. this could be really fortuitous for us
  24. If we sign a starter caliber cb in free agency, why would we draft one? We have very promising younger guys but need a vet starter in the mix. Assuming we do that, I do t see a cb that early. al the mock stuff depends on free agency. I predict. Vet cb, vet te, vet Lb and an Io lineman as well
  25. If we are thinking of trading bechton, could the Bengals be a taker? Late 1st…would you do it?
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