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  1. If he turns into a reliable long term back up, I would spend a 4th all day for that. Very important position on an nfl team
  2. There are still potentially a few teams interested. Steelers, Skins, bears. Waiting until after the draft wouldnt make sense.
  3. I would tend to agree. The risk becomes that the Jets get a great offer soon, Douglas doesn’t want to risk waiting so he takes it. Then, as we finalize the Wilson evaluation, we realize he’s not an ideal fit. I would hope that the jets can be far enough along in the college qb evaluations to be confident enough to move in from Darnold but not sure.
  4. Great question, which adds to all this. How can you trade Darnold before that?
  5. I don’t think so because they have the #2 pick as an option. If keeping Darnold is their third choice(behind Watson and #2 pick qb) I don’t think Houston gains any additional leverage. Where Houston would gain leverage is if the jets trade Darnold but don’t like a qb at 2. Not sure why Douglas would do that.
  6. To me juju would signal that they want stick with Sam based in usc connection.
  7. So if their wish list order is 1 Watson, 2 Darnold and 3 draft, you would only trade Darnold after you acquire Watson . If Darnold is 3rd on that wishlist, you move him as soon as you can. I wonder if trading Darnold could expedite discussions with the Texans.
  8. Obviously tons of debates, rumors and scenarios on the qb decision. Curious what move you see the jets making first. If the Jets decide to stay with Sam, I would think a trade down is possible before draft but could they wait until draft night too? And the real interesting decision is what if the jets decide to move on from Darnold? At first I thought you would move Sam only after you get your qb (after you get Watson or after you draft wilson) but thinking about it further, if the jets decide to move on, could the first domino be a Darnold trade and could we see that soon?
  9. I think tannenbaum very much liked the splashy move so I find it hard to believe he had little say.
  10. I feel like this was the single move that unraveled the competitive Rex Jets and Sanchez. Yea 2011 wasn’t great but it was 8-8 and certainly salvageable. Instead this brought the clown show circus to Florham Park. For the life of me I cannot understand how any competent GM thought this would be a good move for a young qb trying to develop and team chemistry overall.
  11. Speaking of my namesake, that had to be one of the worst picks ever.
  12. Teams can turn it around very quickly in this league and I agree , there is a feel that a turnaround is imminent. The odds will tell you we are due as well. That a why I laugh when the media says such and such player will prefer this team to that team because they are ahead. We were not ahead of Miami a year ago we’re we?
  13. Exactly. I mean the only way this makes sense is if we are signing so many other guys that we would be over. Most likely we will still be under the cap, though. Why would you do this to a young qb? To make this solely about value and $$ is a losing mentality. A trophy is not given so has the most cap room.
  14. Is it a bad contract overall or just a bad cap hit for this year? I really don’t think it’s a good idea to get rid of players that are very productive here; we make a habit of it. He is the one guy that has a connection with our qb, why would you mess with this? From a wr perspective, the Jets did this with Coles after he had a special chemistry with Pennington. They did this with braylon Edwards after he was a core guy with Sanchez. IMO, it’s ok to pay a premium to guys that have proven they can produce and coexist effectively with your qb. If the answer is that Sam won’t be here eithe
  15. Do you guys not see Chris lHerndon as a starting caliber TE? I know he’s been injured but when healthy he is effective. You see him more as a #2?-[
  16. Actually having a guy that can talk to players going through different difficulties and challenges is not the worst idea in the world. As a player, it would be nice to have resource in house. I agree that since it’s an Easterby move, it comes with a degree of faux motivational Christianity and has a certain creep factor. I also don’t love the title of the position. But the concept isn’t the worst thing.
  17. How does Disney not see this comment as fireable but they deem Gina Carano’s comment as fireable. Or the countless commentators that have compared the ncaa to slavery. I can’t take ESPN anymore.
  18. Skyline chili dip, chips and homemade guacamole, wings with an ancho spice rub and homemade Jersey sloppy joes cut in thirds (ham, turkey and roast beef)
  19. This guy epitomizes almost everything wrong with the modern athlete
  20. I think with the smiths, the onl only way they stick around is if they can be valuable on special teams and IMO, that would only be if we decide to keep 6 Wrs. I don’t think either of them would be a 4th wr in an ideal world .
  21. So he’s ok going into final year with no contract and two surgeries coming up?
  22. How about Samuel and Alshon Jeffrey to go with Mims and crowder. Very diverse skill set of Wideouts. Berrios rounds out the core 5
  23. And forget this assclown; ESPN defends Jamal and victimizes him by conveying the “Jamal is right and the Man is bad” message that they do just about every time now. I will never respect greeny again for taking jamals side on this one. ESPN has gotten to him.
  24. That is frightening to see I think he’s getting these things out because he knows he will not get an offer that he was looking for and it’s very possible he gets one less than what the jets offered. He’s therefore creating a narrative that “oh well you see, it was for these other reasons, ie disrespect”. It’s saving face
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