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  1. This position is like the defense against the dark arts teacher at hogwarts.
  2. https://www.abc4.com/news/local-news/former-nfl-qbs-mom-goes-missing-in-salt-lake-city-slcpd-asking-for-help/ looks like she was found and received some medical attention.
  3. I think this is the start to his first joe Douglas shtick that will start mid season if they are losing.
  4. Is the QB going to be better? Or is he going to struggle to get the ball TO the better roster. Look at josh Allen’s first year. The team could be better but not ready to get the eight wins we all want.
  5. I disagree with SARs mentality that fans should go into next season with. Gase was a retread coach who should have been getting better. He seemed to get worse. Darnold should have been getting better; he was objectively worse. Next year we have rookies all around so even if we lose more than eight games, we have to hope they are building a foundation to greatness even if it’s a little more painful than a more experienced head coach. if we do win more, great, if we don’t we know we are in for another three years.
  6. Hey Maxman. Cancer has touched my family as well and it is devastating. I'm glad this is the " good kind" that is treatable, but it doesn't make it less scary or easy to handle. I hope and pray that not only does she come through it, but has minimal suffering while enduring her treatment.
  7. Too much bad analytics. Too much of the same. Not respecting that baseball needs to be won in all three aspects of the game. Not doing a good job of bringing along the young prospects to make it in the big leagues. Not seeing obvious signs like the sticky stuff being the reason some of their highly priced pitchers were so effective and shelling out impossible to trade contracts to those guys. Hugging prospects too long when a few months of a Verlander or machado may have won them another ring, when in the modern era they are much harder to come by. Stubborn and lackadaisical ownership who lack
  8. He’s probably angling for his next job. SAR
  9. That’s due to DJ having a subpar year. If I could choose a bat vs scherzer to some money on, it’s an ace. SEVY coming back too snd may be effective come playoff time. Yankees are getting on base, they just haven’t been breaking through and scoring runs. Something has to give.
  10. If this team wants to win a World Series they need to trade for Shertzer and maybe hader. I know people are worried about offense, but pitching wins in the playoffs, and with a regular schedule this year a one two punch of Cole and Scherzer would make us real contenders.
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