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  1. I think we need a smart player to learn at the LB position. I like Nakobe Dean and hope he slides to the second round.
  2. Waiting for @T0mShane to temper any enthusiasm.
  3. The wheel wills and the wheel weaves.
  4. It all comes down to the QB and a half decent defense. Thats why they get paid obscene amounts of money.
  5. He isnt going anywhere. San Fran made Deebo who he is and no other system would necessarily get the same out of him. (Except maybe ours?)
  6. I think the guy will be good (based on whats been written), but he likely wont have an amazing rookie year with the injury and missing OTA's and training camp. That means the jets still need to trade for someone.
  7. Why would we give that up? I can see giving up 10 for a receiver considering they will take a receiver there and its a crapshoot.
  8. You have to assume that Joe is more plugged in then we are. There is ALWAYS a problem with superstar WR divas. Zach needs a WR1 so we can see if he is the truth or if we need to reboot with another QB in 2023.
  9. I think the Raiders. Carr is what he is, and Davante is probably made much better by Rodgers. I think hes good, but he doesnt move the needle in that division as much as people think.
  10. We should bring back Moses and consider bringing back maye in a good deal. If he says no then bring someone else in.
  11. I’m warming up to them drafting defense if they pick up a wide receiver in FA and a TE/RB in the third. WR, if someone drops, like Elijah Moore did last year. I kind of want to trade down and get nakibe dean or just say eff it and pick Hamilton and four.
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