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  1. Darnold is going to get Joe Brady a head coaching gig next year.
  2. He as in Michael Kay and made a joke that if he drafted anymore offense ulbrich was going to smash a steel chair across his back.
  3. So I stopped reading “and Zach will sit behind him in the bench”. In this fantasy world Zach is going to greenbay.
  4. Either he a) dropped a bowling bowl on his foot b) he met Zach Wilson whose steel balls may just have dropped as he met him snd broke his toes. His voice may also change now. Not Quinnen, Zach.
  5. Notre Dame seems to be a good spot for offensive lineman. Is it concerning he couldn’t crack their lineup?
  6. I’ve heard him do an interview with jake asman and his questions in zooms show some knowledge of football.
  7. I wonder what this message board looked like back then.
  8. They made quite a few mistakes and lucked into that leremy Tunisian trade when Houston flamed out. Then San Francisco lost their minds and traded up for a QB so they continue to have valuable draft capital. if they trade for Watson we are basically @$&l Ed, but if they give tua the three to four year FQB treatment the wheels will fall off. The best move they made was Brian Flores who is a really great defensive coach.
  9. Yeah Detroit is a triple A team.... they got shut down by a Marlins reject too. A win is a win though. Houston will play is pretty tough. I think this may show us if they turned the corner.
  10. I’m sure an agent will tell her eventually. I can’t see the stories but if it became a distraction for Zach you would think the Jets would put the kabash on it.
  11. Wit

    Sam Howell

    In Houston they can just say, pass the hand towel to clean up before Howell.
  12. Wit

    Sam Howell

    Play foul for Howell
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