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  1. From your lips to the football gods ears brother.
  2. They didn’t pass in Sam. Eli was holding the team hostage so they picked the running back. Daniel Jones ain’t gonna be a great QB. Maybe he’s ok, and better than Sam, but that’s not saying much.
  3. Probably a six to seven win team if we really hit on some draft picks. Our schedule is brutal and team don’t jump from a 2 win team to the playoffs. the only wild card is how bad the coaching really was.
  4. Russel is ridiculous. Those teams have no assets. NEXT!
  5. This is very very bad for the Texans. The only issue is that Carolina and secretly Miami seems to have a hard on for him and they aren’t on Wilson’s list.
  6. I would do that trade just so Seattle falls apart and gives us a top ten pick next year.
  7. Deshaun tweeted how loyalty is everything, but he wants out a few months after signing a huge deal.
  8. I would trade Seattle’s next years back to them for Wilson
  9. I could see Carolina making a strong push to get him.
  10. Would Houston trade for their pick back? Different GM, true, but still embarrassing.
  11. Fields is starting to remind me of Bridgewater. Everyone was all over him until he was drafted late first round by the Vikings. He may be worth a trade up for a team like the Jets if he falls that far.
  12. I think we have at least one more year until this team is competitive. I love loading up on offense and giving Sam a shot. I would still trade for Watson if it’s ok the table, but if not, this is the way to go. I would go even farther and trade Sam for a first if offered and sign a stop gap. It really depends what the vision is for the team next year and what kind of leash JD has to build this team from the bottom up.
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