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  1. We can steal Darnold from their starting squad.
  2. Thanksgiving dinner gonna be awkward though. It does speak volumes that he wasn’t the OC for the packers though.
  3. Ok. I still saw Ashtyn Davis bring it. That was nice. We seem to know how to pick the safeties.
  4. Maybe more cowbell and less a$$hole? ps it’s my fat fingers.
  5. If we kept Darnold and traded down we would have gotten neither player.
  6. 1. It could also be a negative, since that means the rest of the defense was horrible, but Ashtyn Davis okayed a monster game today. 2. OL- protection mostly held up ish 3. mike white- he has a noodle arm, but he understands how to play either their offense. Makes me think Zach’s ADHD is not allowing him to focus on what’s actually in front of him and instead plays backyard ball every okay. It’s too frenetic. 4. Zach had a few nice throws. He looked good until the refs allowed him to get murdered.
  7. Who did we have that was going to throw to them??
  8. I think he’s been playing injured.
  9. They just called a PI for Brady that was so stupid. What a dumb league.
  10. He was disgustingly great today. Matt Ryan is the perfect veteran to help him. He made a one handed catch and gently cradled it like his newborn baby.
  11. Prediction: Carolina trades for Watson this week and this benching was a prelude to that.
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