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  1. Rodgers is a pretty sensitive guy, he wants to be wanted.
  2. I know this sounds bad, but I want hooker so bad. Let him marinate behind Rodgers for a year or so and learn an NFL offense. The intangibles on this kid and his makeup are off the charts. Him being old when nfl QBs play into their 40s is over rated. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  3. Because if the division it will always be a top ten schedule, and there will always be surprise teams both ways. So hard in the nfl to predict.
  4. Wow. Atlanta, Tennessee, Indy, even the panthers... I guess the entire NFC...
  5. Thag would honestly be scary, but obj had a brand so he needs the cowboys giants LA or jets.
  6. Don’t you think that having a Super Bowl winning all time great QB in the building will help EVERYONE in the building understand how to win? Joe Flacco cost a fifth. We can spend a second or third on this guy who otherwise would I’ll cost money.
  7. If the cap goes up another 20 mil and we have a rookie in the wings it may not be as bad as it sounds.
  8. I still draft hooker if he’s available in the third, and I want Rodgers. If the kid is good he may be a bridge to the next guy. QBs also seem to last a lot longer now.
  9. JD doesn’t seem to overpay for people he hasn’t targeted prior to free agency. The other guys he’s willing to wait until after the draft and see who shakes loose. It’s frustrating sometimes, but probably the smarter way to fiscally build a team that hopefully won’t crumble completely when Rodgers leaves.
  10. Hopkins probably moves draft night ala AJ brown. I think he would be so great for this team.
  11. Cooks to the Cowboys. Come on JD get me some Hopkins.
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