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  1. He fits this system perfectly. He takes hit. He catches the ball. He seems a leader and a smart dude to boot. He is friends with Zach. He wants nine but he probably gets much less guaranteed. JD doesn’t overpay.
  2. The thing is, if a bunch of black coaches start to get hired in the next few years Flores will get a lot of credit.
  3. This kind of stuff is all to manipulate the draft order. Mcshay is good friends with Douglas… maybe he’s doing him a solid.
  4. Could mean that he isn’t throwing his receivers “open”, or that he’s throwing to a bunch of tiny guys that can’t make the push. Who knows.
  5. We aren’t spending money on a TE. It’s possible we spend some money on some LBers and safety’s. We may trade for a WR, but that’s about it. What about JDs history makes you think he will overspend on any player??
  6. I’m wondering what @football guy is hearing regarding the chatter in nfl circles about these various scandals.
  7. Billionaires don’t get punished the same way unless they screw over other billionaires. If the rest of the owners start getting some heat he will be punished and lose the team. Donald Sterling was literally on tape in order for him to get punted as an owner, and he was also already disliked AND in LA.
  8. I can’t know what’s in the guys heart, I just know that most “non racists” aren’t throwing that word around in any context, and if they did it’s heavily explained. This isn’t a comedian trying to get attention and laughs through shock value. Before using those words I would think it’s important to be super clear why I’m doing it.
  9. Someone who is just bitter and still has a chance at multi million dollar jobs doesn’t sue 32 multi billionaires out of spite. He is possibly committing career suicide to shed light on why there is currently one black head coach and it’s a guy that never had a losing season, while mediocre white guys keep getting rehired.
  10. He got fed up with how he and others are being treated. You think he wouldn’t get consideration for other coordinator and future HC jobs if he didn’t do this?
  11. I mean he’s a little douchey. This isn’t a new development. He literally denied he was retiring in his own Sirius XM show and released his statement the next morning that was pages long.
  12. Would you use the N word in any situation? Usually a guy like that has some familiarity with the word to throw it around like that. Ultimately it’s hard to be able to see in anyones heart, you can only extrapolate from their words and actions.
  13. Or he didn’t want to be blackballed and fight against a trillion dollar company run by multi billionaires? The guys had some balls.
  14. We have at least one more year with CJ due to his bloated contract.
  15. I have no doubt that he knows defense to rise to be a DC in this league, but if they don’t improve this year he needs to go.
  16. Sure. I agree with this. He didn’t go to the press he went to the courts.
  17. The harbaughs love purple. He probably can do more with cousins than these defensive minded guys.
  18. Nope. Not sure what the point is though. He is upset that black men aren’t getting hired and are using them as tokens to fulfill a rule that shouldn’t even be needed.
  19. McKay playing nervous now. He’s got the QB and the defense and he’s playing scared.
  20. He certainly won the gene pool lotto. The dating lotto etc etc
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