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  1. He got fed up with how he and others are being treated. You think he wouldn’t get consideration for other coordinator and future HC jobs if he didn’t do this?
  2. I mean he’s a little douchey. This isn’t a new development. He literally denied he was retiring in his own Sirius XM show and released his statement the next morning that was pages long.
  3. Would you use the N word in any situation? Usually a guy like that has some familiarity with the word to throw it around like that. Ultimately it’s hard to be able to see in anyones heart, you can only extrapolate from their words and actions.
  4. Or he didn’t want to be blackballed and fight against a trillion dollar company run by multi billionaires? The guys had some balls.
  5. We have at least one more year with CJ due to his bloated contract.
  6. I have no doubt that he knows defense to rise to be a DC in this league, but if they don’t improve this year he needs to go.
  7. Sure. I agree with this. He didn’t go to the press he went to the courts.
  8. The harbaughs love purple. He probably can do more with cousins than these defensive minded guys.
  9. Nope. Not sure what the point is though. He is upset that black men aren’t getting hired and are using them as tokens to fulfill a rule that shouldn’t even be needed.
  10. McKay playing nervous now. He’s got the QB and the defense and he’s playing scared.
  11. He certainly won the gene pool lotto. The dating lotto etc etc
  12. Maybe it’s the announcing, but this game doesn’t feel as intense. Maybe it’s the watered down home crowd. The players are smashing and clawing out there though.
  13. He would have a much better QB situation.
  14. I mean unless he changes his mind.
  15. Flores turned a pretty stinky program around much faster than the front office thought it would. He may not be the championship level coach, but he may do more with less, and b) convince his QB to come back.
  16. This may get some flack with bienemy and Flores out there and this guy was never even an OC.
  17. Maybe he thinks he’s next man up.
  18. Was being comical. They ain’t that crazy.
  19. Looks like he’s bringing Nagy back as the OC.
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