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  1. San Fran still being in this game is shocking to me.
  2. If a dominant pass rusher is there that’s where JD believes the highest value should be. In the trenches.
  3. Ok, assuming someone wants to trade up you agree that it’s worth it.
  4. I’m looking at the mock drafts, and it almost makes no sense for the jets NOT to trade down and get an extra second or two and another first this year. They should trade down BOTH picks. we don’t need the very best tackle. We need a WR, a center, TE, safeties, desperately need a QB linebacker like dean for this defense. Trading down will allow us to get some very good players to surround Zach with and start rebuilding this defense. I get not trading down last year so we could get a QB, but other than edge ( looks like we missed out in the two “can’t miss” guys anyways) there is no one that is worthy of the number four pick that we have a desperate need for.
  5. It may be for the best. Bulk up on o line TE and other harder to miss prospects with higher floors. I am interested in that kid who sounds like michah parsons. Otherwise keep building this offense first. Make the team exciting.
  6. It’s too early for the jets to get him to drop.
  7. Worst case is that whomever we pick is a bust, Or a safety.
  8. I would be most worried during that bye week before the super bowl.
  9. Houston is probably trading Watson to the giants or eagles, they will have some major capital in this draft. I can see them trading down to pick up some seconds or future firsts.
  10. I’m sure the players are not going out or doing much of anything these days. The best weekend of football is this weekend. Don’t mess this up!
  11. Yeah, but he would fit right in with the fans.
  12. Honestly agree with most of what you said. Not much of a carousel. Not much of a QB draft this year. Most teams will have to stick with what they have. Most puzzling to me is what NO will do. I guess they stick with Jamis and hope he stays healthy. They have a sick defense and a horrible offense. They need to make a change. I think minshew, foles and dalton could get chances as a starting QB somewhere.
  13. Kliff has looked very Ill tonight. Almost pasty through his tan, hair is thinner, he’s sweating. I mean this seriously.
  14. Ouch, muffed punt. I dint want to hear about the “wind swirling” after watching last nights game in buffalo.
  15. That’s really cool. Saleh would have to go to a few cemeteries.
  16. Shouldn’t they throw in minshew for a spark? This game is about to get out of reach.
  17. That’s just BTSD* brady traumatic stress disorder
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