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  1. So rude man calm down haha i don’t really care about NHL and Jets are my team since 2002 !! Chrebet was my guy when I was like 10 don’t be upset because I am a Jets fan from Québec
  2. If we sign Juju or Fuller, we need to draft a WR early with the top 4 picks maximum Godwin, Robinson and Golladay we can draft later an other one
  3. I agree. I prefer a lot if they sign a big WR in FA than a edge rusher!! I don’t want to pay an edge 20million a year in FA, draft one with the top picks
  4. Ok, but anyway I am offering him more money that Barrett
  5. I want Allen Robinson more than Barrett ! In fact, Our offense is so bad I want any top FA offense player before defense player. I want at least 4-5 players on offense before going with Barrett
  6. 77rec, 850 yards + 200 rush yards!! He is a playmaker in a good offensive scheme, and he did all that without CMC! He reminds me off Samuel with the 9ers and I want him to be that wr3/4 we really need. Maybe you are rigth and he’s not that good but he will be a lot cheaper that Juju and I don’t want that guy haha
  7. Curtis Samuel a trash wr ?? Are you serious ? This guy is the most underrated at wr position for FA
  8. Maybe because I am 31 but for me Mawae is a Jets legend easy
  9. I am kind of sad to see this guy coaching for another team. He’s a legend in Jets history, and would be amazing to ALL GAS, NO BRAKE Becton to be a beast anyway I don’t care at the end, I really like Joe Douglas the job he’s doing
  10. Sign Curtis Samuel if we trade down, draft Chase if not, draft Rashod Bateman at 23 Crowder, Mims, Samuel, Bateman!!! I really like this tandem
  11. If you really think that in 2020 football good teams need too have stud corner to win, we just have a different opinion lol. You don’t need to act liked an ass
  12. I hope at #66 or #87 Edge rusher WR OL Bigger need than CB
  13. I vote Darnold, but if they can trade him for a late 1st or a 2nd round, I make the trade and Wilson is my guy probably
  14. I really don’t think CB are that important right now!! Of course if there a steal in the draft Im in, but we really don’t need a top Cb right now for me. Edge rusher is a lot more a priority, Wr1 and an other OL
  15. Am I wrong if I say Allan Faneca ?? And it was probably the best OL tandem in Jets history!! I hope Joe Douglas will do the same
  16. Totally agree with you about the Edge rusher, we need one since nearly a decade. I don’t think CB is a big need right now, we need good depth like RB position. In 2020, I want #1 edge, WR1, top OL unit in the league. With good coaching Darnold can improve a lot I think, he wasn’t 3 overall for nothing
  17. I mean come on, we all know about how coaching is important!! For me this is Watson or Darnold btw
  18. Gase and Jeremy Bates!! Enough
  19. The possibility to have Becton/Thuney/Sewell a trio ?? What is a lot of money for you ?? If they spend 35millions total for a WR and OL in free agency that’s perfect for me
  20. I disagree with that! Did you forget the guy won a championship at Clemson, and literally put that school on the map in NCAA!! Deshaun is a proven winner
  21. Is Watt having a bad contract ? what about taking him in a package to lower the price for Watson. I am sure Watt is the type of player/person Saleh would love to have in a young team for leadership! whats your thinking guys ?
  22. For me it’s Watson or Darnold!!! I don’t like the overreaction for Wilson or Fields. People is really forgetting about how great coaching is important
  23. We are overreacting for Wilson!! We need to trade down and having more premium picks. The important thing here, is having good coaching! I am 100% sure that Darnold will have a huge boost with good coaching
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